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We, as the students of FLG 221, feel and are certain that the FLG 221 Semester Test 1, written on the 8th of September 2017, was not based on the work handled and discussed in class, in the notes or even in the prescribed textbook and can thus not be an accurate or fair representation of the work that we are expected to know in this course. The test therefore, can not be seen as a fair, accurate representation of what we were given to learn and understand.

Our thoughts and opinions on this matter are supported by the fact that 71% of those that wrote the test were unable to achieve 60% and that only 29% were able to get more than 60% for this test. Our claim is also strengthened by the fact that the median for this test was 51%. This further validates our stance that the entire test was in fact an unreasonable assessment as a whole.

We are certain that if we are to compare the information given in the notes and the prescribed textbooks, that most of the information in the test would NOT be found in either.

We as Natural and Agricultural students of the University of Pretoria hereby claim and request, with this petition, either that:

  • The first Semester Test of FLG 221, written on the 8th of September 2017, be declared as null and void.


  • The marks of the the first Semester Test of FLG 221, written on the 8th of September, be adjusted according to a normal distribution curve, where the marks that do not fit the curved be adjusted and outliers be unaffected.


  • That the percentage of how much the test, written on the 8th of September 2017, be adjusted and lowered and that the next test thus contribute more or that an assignment be introduced to fill that void.


  • That a rewrite of the test be scheduled for those that want to improve their marks.

We, as a student body, also request that a session be scheduled with us, wherein the test and the test's answers be fully discussed and explained to us.

It is our main goal as a student body, not just to have better marks, (as petty as that sounds), but that we understand and gain the crucial knowledge needed for us to succeeded, not only in this module, but in our future careers. We are the future professionals and scientists of this world and to truly make a difference and succeed it is imperative that we understand the work that is taught to us now.

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