Fix the Airconditioning in Broadway Shopping Centre

Daniella Kinkade
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This petition is to be addressed to Management at Broadway shopping centre.

I have been in the centre a few times now and each time the air conditioning has been down. Ever since there were fire trucks outside the centre it hasnt worked.


I was in a dressing room at Kmart and my daughter was screaming from the heat. i had to leave and go outside the shop and giver her water as she was red and hot, as was i.


I go to broadway usually when its hot outside and i want to escape the heat. It was hotter insde the centre than it was outside.


I am going to address this to Gavan Hutton, Senior Engineering & Operations Manager - Retail for Mirvac Asset Management. As he hasnt received ANY complaints other than the one my grandma filled out at Kmart. So if you agree with this peitition then please sign this and will send it off. Thanks for your support!!!





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