Fix Scotland's roads

Jim Watson
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Road users across Scotland are being let down by the Scottish Government and local authorities in their failure to repair and maintain our roads. Through our taxes we all contribute significantly to the budget for roads. Vehicle drivers in particular pay heavily through vehicle excise duty, fuel tax, VAT and even insurance premium tax and yet for years there has been significant under-investment in road maintenance. WE DESERVE BETTER.

Our roads were so badly damaged last winter because of the failure to repair them over many years. Pathetic excuses about lack of finance prompt us to ask one very simple question. "What has happened to all the money that so many of us have contributed in taxes for so many years?" The Government's current "review" was simply a way of kicking the issue into the long grass until they had the election out of the way.

There is one very clear message we can all send to the Scottish Government STOP SHORT CHANGING US - FIX OUR ROADS!

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