Apple, fix iPhone GPS following the 3.0 update

Harry Jubb
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In various online forums there are many people who's GPS no longer works on their iPhone 3G or 3GS following the 3.0 update. This has been confirmed in Google Maps, where the location dot is surrounded by a blue circle without pulsing, and in other GPS apps such as MotionX GPS Lite, which can only obtain cell tower triangulation data. Many people will have bought the iPhone because of GPS functionality, and because of the SatNav applications allowed by iPhone OS 3.0. Forum members have replaced their iPhones (at Apple's expense), and still found GPS working on OS 2.2.1 but not in OS 3.0. Other solutions have been tried and have appeared to work for some but not for many. There is no known comment from Apple about this issue, and considering it is now weeks after the update this is not acceptable. We wish to be able to use the functionality of the device we paid for, which we reason has been knocked out by a software update. As there appears to be no official response from Apple, we wish to raise awareness of this issue in the form of a petition. We petition that Apple take this issue as a priority and release an announcement addressing the situation, and provide a prompt solution to return the GPS functionality that is costing Apple, consumers and 3rd party developers time and money.




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