Fix your XBOX Live Indie Game submission process Microsoft

Mark Makarainen
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Right now the XBOX Live Indie Game submission process is not run by Microsoft but is run by MVP moderators ! The whole thing is run byMVP moderators. Some of which are rule breakers breaking the TOS agreement on This should be fixed because someIndie Game Developers have been banned for no reason at all and as a result they can't get back their accounts because Microsoft does not run it and will not do anything about it. Also, Microsoft is stealing all thesethousands of dollars from these banned developers that theirgames make on the XBOX Live Marketplace and are keeping their games to make even more money ! This needs to stop and be fixed !

Taken from this article :

it says: "Their solution to this was the moderators or MVPs. These MVPs ran essentially unchecked by Microsoft and had ultimate power over the system. They single handily had the ability to make it so your game would or wouldn’t go out. To be fair, these people had a VERY hard job and were not compensated at all for it."

Yes that's right you read itright : "unchecked by Microsoft and have ultimate power over the system" meaning rule breaking TOS agreement breaker MVP moderators are in charge of the whole XBOX Live Indie Game section !

Please sign the petition so that this will get fixed.

When this petition is completed I will contact Bill Gates yet again !




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