Fire Ian Flynn Off The Mega Man Comic!

Brian Meyer
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We the faithful, yet unappeased, fans of the Mega Man video game franchise have grown dissatisfied with the way the series is being represented in the comic book series currently being produced by Archie Comics Publications, INC. The comic series' lead writer, one Ian "Potto" Flynn, has demonstrated a blatant lack of understanding about what has made the series so popular over it's 25 year history. His writings offend us as loyal fans and are all but lacking the basic, necessary qualities we feel a Mega Man comic book should contain. Instead of depicting these elements, Mr. Flynn has instead weighed down the comic with his own trifling attempts at creativity and insertion of esoteric fan service references. The stories are weak, the characterization is shallow and the focus has been drawn away from the basic concept of a robot hero fighting a mad scientist and his army of robots. Because of this and many more failings, we who have patiently waited for this comic to resume representing the cherished game series, have come to believe that this writer has no intention of doing so and will continue to deviate even further for the sake of his own gratification. For these reasons we demand that he be relieved of his duties as writer of the Mega Man comic book and replaced with a more skillful writer who at least has a better understanding of how to adapt a video game into a comic book. Read our lips: "FIRE FLYNN!"





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