Fire Ray Watts

Kelsey T
Kelsey T Birmingham, Alabama 1268 Comments
3,770 SignaturesGoal: 5,000

This is a petition to fire the University of Alabama at Birmingham's current president Ray Watts. We believe that there is a way to save our football program, our university, our community, and our city, but Ray Watts is not the person to do it. Watts ignored the will of students, alumni, athletes, and local supporters and bent to the will of an extreme, corrupt minority (i.e. the University of Alabama Board of Trustee's Paul Bryant, Jr., Finis St. John, and others). We, the students and supporters of UAB, will not stand for his lack of leadership and failure to represent our interests. There are currently over 8,000 people in the Facebook group, Save UAB Football, and over 5,000 likes on the Facebook page of the same name.



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