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OR get new HR management /Fire and suspend Janene Drafs and put Peter Saiers as GM/president/

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Hi There Nextstar company SVP/,

You need to do something with these two HR BOSSES New General Manager/President Janene Drafs,HR/OP Manager Matt, Peter Saiers,

I am requesting that my name and email remain anonymous. They need to respect all viewers’ privacy including mine.. They cannot repeal this petition and cannot take this to any higher court what soever. And cannot repeal this petition and cannot sue the petitioner. Cannot search for the person on social media or email address. They have to respect the persons privacy. Or cancel the Ktla morning news weekend edition and put them at night permanently. Sam has said stuff on air for years and has gotten away with it. And has got to promote cruises on KTLAs dime and vacations, live locations. YOU should of suspended SAM Rubin and terminated him as well. You were stupid for them to let him announce Lynette's departure and MANAGEMENT should of released a statement and read it on air. Or released it* to the media outlets. Sam has said stuff on air for years and has gotten away with it? I would of suspended Sam rubin and fired him as well and make it harder for him to be in front of the camera and behind it. PUT Erin Myers full time as a reporter for the weekday edition along with Lauren lyster, etc. PUT Megan telles-(botox/duck lips) on at night as a reporter wednesday-thru sunday for the weekend news part time only. NO MORE morning news appearances and I would of Fired megan telles for her RUDE and disrespectful mouth towards colleagues and viewers as well. I would of fired her when she did a side karate kick on the knotts employee when the guy was trying to scare her. And For kicking him I would of suspended and fired Megan Telles right away. And make it harder for her to be in front of the camera and behind it as well. I'd make it harder for her to be an anchor on any local news station across the U.S.FOR example: When Legendary of the ktla morning news weekday edition back in 2007 when Carlos amezcua left due to contract issues was I mad yes and upset as a loyal ktla viewer didn't stop me from watching my favorite weekday news show. He went to fox 11 we supported him and watched him at 10.And when he left fox 11 don't know when but we stopped watching it. And went back to watching ktla at night. Those fake loyal bandwagon viewers who are throwing a temper tantrum over (Former employee/colleague lynette) leaving let me tell you this YOU are NOT a loyal ktla viewer And We DO NOT KNOW what happen behind closed doors. I don't feel one bit sorry for her. When I read the articles that she wanted the weekday edition and steal and take Megan Henderson's position from 4am to 7am Or Jessica's position from 7am to 11am. I don't feel sorry for Lynette( best of luck and I don't feel sorry for you. because you were RUDE to me on social media).* These viewers of ktla need to GROW UP and act your age. So sick and tired of viewers of ktla threatening and bullying KTLA management or any other news station. They need to be TOLD NOT to be bullies just because their favorite reporter/anchor left the station. Whatever the reason was we DO NOT know what happened behind closed doors. Ive read articles on the departure, firing of my least favorite reporter and anchor mark mester. They should of pulled him off the anchor desk. If their Former news director Jason ball he would of suspended my least favorite reporter and pulled him off the anchor desk and PUT him on the KTLA morning news weekday edition as a reporter to keep an eye on him. These two HR bosses should of pulled him off as an anchor. And PUT him as a full time reporter for the weekday edition. I read that he has an attorney and seeking wrongful termination.

A lot of anchors/reporters/ anyone in entertainment industry, music industry, radio/podcast industry have contract issues like dayna devon said/nailed it etc. We will know when LYNETTE is allowed to speak about her departure. So bring back Carlos Amezuca and Mindy Burbando and sharon tay for Fill in anchors and reporters. Just because she wanted the KTLA morning news weekday edition as an anchor position, they could of put her as a full time reporter here at KTLA for the weekday edition from . And They had NO right firing My least favorite former reporter/anchor Mark mester as well and bring him back as a the ktla Morning news weekend ANCHOR and PUT LAUREN Lyster as his co anchor. SAM has done worst things and has been suspended for what he says on air. Maybe they should of FIRED sam rubin and suspended him for always going on vacation and using the sponsor ships to promote cruises to give away to KTLA viewers etc. YOU need to PUT Peter S. as the GM/President and get a NEW news director and FIRE and suspend Janene Drafs demote her from management and put her at your sister station in san diego. Put Wendy Burch as the New News director. Make Peter S. the GM/President. I understand as a viewer stand point that Mark mester was very angry and I don't blame him he is my least favorite reporter and anchor but YOU could of pulled him off the anchor desk for the weekend show. And Make him full time reporter for the weekday edition so you HR/management can keep an eye on him and his mouth. maybe he should go to therapy for his anger and he will learn to express how he feels besides foul language. Maybe some of the staff needs to go too therapy and learn how to control when a reporter or anchor is having a bad day. They need to learn how to control their tempers along with mark mesters. It hasn't been the same since Chris burrous passed away. Cannot crack jokes or make comments on air or off air or on their social media pages or ktla social media pages.****They cannot discuss this complaint or even try to call out a any haters/trolls or loyal actual viewers/(NOT the fake loyal viewers) on air or off air and also goes for their colleagues social media pages/KTLAweekendam pages and KTLA social media pages *includes their personal pages or on air or off air.*, NO MORE Roller skating around the ktla set or roller blading as well during the 838 stretch or any other time to be messing around. The ktla morning news weekend edition hasn't been the same ever since. YOU need to suspend or fire your new GM/president Janene drafs and demote her or let her go. I'd make it harder for Janene drafs to be in front of the camera and behind it or be in the news industry or a boss in any industry. REHIRE LYNETTE REMERO and Mark Mester NOW! Or sale the station to us viewers who are actual loyal viewers to the station. We will take over the station and make changes. I'd let Megan Telles-(botox/duck lips) go and make it harder for her to be in front of the camera and behind it as well. I'd cancel La's unscripted and PUT back full hour of 2 and half men.* I'd put the weekend morning news on from 5am to 10am. And Put Jessicas cooking show on for 3 hours. And Put Frank show and politic show on at 3pm. And News 4pm, 5pm, 6pm on saturday, and sunday as well. It was so wrong of Janene drafs to fire Mark mester and the reason is he had every right to feel angry, upset etc. You could of pulled him off the anchor desk and made him get some kind of therapy. You will lose viewers that watch on the weekends. YOU better step down Janene and put Peter S. in charge. I would put wendy as New News director and Peter S as GM/president. If I were your BIG BIG boss I would terminate your contract and make sure you will NEVER be a boss in any industry.* KTLA's Mark COMPLAINT about Management changes need to be made at KTLA asap Via zoom and meetings need to take place for disciplinary action against Janene drafs over this.... Viewers are mad and upset. This was wrong on how she handled it and the statements her and the staff made. If he was so angry and upset they should of sent him home and have kirk sit on the anchor desk or have pedro at the time.

KTLA Viewers Angry Over Abrupt Exits of Weekend Anchors Mark Mester and Lynette Romero: It ‘Was a D— Move’ ( anchor Mark Mester fired after emotional on-air defense of Lynette Romero ( anchor Mark Mester fired after emotional on-air defense of Lynette Romero ( Fired

After On-Air Reaction to Co-Host’s Departure - E! Online (

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