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Firas Alhashimi Trading Company L.L.C heavy equipment spare parts authorized distributor for ITR brand, USCO Italy Firas Alhashimi Company has accomplished a commendable fame that has proven it’s comparatively better position with other same categorical companies in the UAE. Occupying the UAE heavy equipment spare parts market rapidly. The company has contributed significantly to the rapid growth in the infrastructure of the UAE through supplies of quality construction equipment since it began its operation. The Company gives the better customer service that fulfills the customers' needs. As soon as possible to respond of parts inquiries. This includes that it will supply your complete project-based required list of equipment. It also includes neutral advice in selecting the right material for the job.


Phone: 0097165431808 Phone: 0097125525195 Fax: 0097165431809 Fax: 0097125525196 website:






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