Financial Transparency is Social Justice

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Alfred Adler was a social justice warrior of his time and created a legacy of social justice warriors in all of us who study and emulate his teachings. He believed in the truth that all persons are created equal and deserve to be treated with respect and fairness. These are the messages that are preached from the highest levels of Adler University's administration and yet students, staff and faculty are stratified into varying levels of "need to know" with students falling at the lowest level. Despite being the largest financial support for the University, students are provided the least amount of information regarding how our tuition dollars are utilized. We are led to believe in a blind trust of the administration and board of education as good stewards of our financial resources without respected or adequate representation at either level. This is not for lack of trying. We know that our elected student leaders have worked tirelessly to advocate on our behalf but can only do so much without an overwhelming consensus from the student body.

Given the inevitable collapse of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology - Argosy, this structural reality between students and administration at Adler University is no longer tenable. Therefore, this petition is put forth to affirm that Adler students have a right to know how every penny of their paid tuition dollars are being utilized and insist that the administration of Adler University make available to students, staff and faculty detailed financial reports so that all members of the Adler community can be assured of the financial viability of the University and can make informed decisions about their continued engagement with and in Adler University. Further, this petition insists that steps be taken to engage more of the Adler Community and increase transparency in the governance of the University.

Specifically, We the undersigned ask the following:

A. The Adler University Administration, at the direction of President Raymond Crossman, PhD, will provide line item financial documents once a year, starting in 2019, that allow each tuition paying student the ability to know and understand how every dollar of their paid tuition is utilized.

B. The President of Adler University, Raymond Crossman, PhD, will create or advocate for the creation of non-voting board positions for representatives of the student body as well as faculty and staff to increase transparency of the University's Governance for all stakeholders within the University structure.

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