Convince USAA that its members who have filed bankruptcy deserve to use Mobile and Online Banking just like all the other members!

Nikki Carlson
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USAA Banking punishes its members who have filed bankruptcy (even if they did not discharge any USAA debt) by not allowing them to deposit checks online, use their mobile app to make deposits, or use the spending tracker and spending notifications setup and management feature from the app or website. USAA states that their risk analysis showed that allowing its post-bankruptcy members access to those features poses an overall risk to the company. What risk could be posed by a member simply trying to balance their checking account, deposit money, tracking their spending and set up spending notifications? One can understand how opening an account or transferring funds online might be a risk, but depositing a check online or via the mobile app? Tracking your spending? Setting spending limits? Paying bills? These are things that a person in financial recovery needs...and should be using, not something that should be taken away. The limits imposed by USAA make it extremely difficult to manage individual finances. In today's highly competitive and hi-tech market/economy, why in the world would any bank force its customers to go backwards in time by taking away their online and mobile banking conveniences? These are some of the very things that make USAA a leading in the industry!

Let's ask USAA to please look at individual member's accounts and decide on a case by case basis (or at least a category by category basis) who gets ousted from the website and mobile app, and who doesn't. They shouldn't be able to get away with placing every member who has filed bankruptcy in the same boat and punish us all. Not all members are fraud risks as the USAA analysis has seemingly reported. Not all members have discharged USAA debt along with their bankruptcy. Not all members maxed out their credit cards and bought up big screen TVs before filing. Some members are honest and those members deserve to be treated as such.





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