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Fight for Animal rights! Stop Inbreeding!

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Lets face the facts. How many people would want to know if they are buying a inbred dog, cat or any other animal for that fact? I know we can't fully stop people from inbreeding their animals but, I think there should be consequences for the people who get caught for doing this in a backyard/puppy mill situation, 'cause I know that on some occasions registered breeders do inbreed their animals for a few different reasons like wanting certain traits, keeping the bloodline clean etc. In those situations it's closely monitored.(I still think that's wrong, but a different topic all together.) In the backyard/puppy mills they inbreed to make top dollar for animals that have been bred into the ground by their fathers, brothers, grand fathers and so on. Which most likely will have some type of issue whether it would be blind, aggressive, deformed or just doesn't seem to be learning things as fast as a dog should, not to mention the problems you don't see. The internal problems that could exist and could cost lots of money to treat or fix. This is a main reason there are so many unwanted animals in shelters. Support my cause so the back door breeders can get the consequences they deserve.

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