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We, the undersigned Homeowners of the Avocet Subdivision in FishHawk Ranch, Lithia, Fl., 33547, PETITION the FishHawk Ranch HomeOwners Association, its Board of Directors and the Management Company (Rizzetta) for corrective and expedient actions to be taken, with amendments as needed to the current bylaws to include the following items, and The Undersigned residents are voting IN FAVOR of the recommendations for corrective and expedient actions to be taken by the FHR-HOA Board of Directors for all of the following items: Specifically relating to the Wild Hog problem in FHR: 1. Acknowledgement by the FHR Board of Directors of the Dangerously Overpopulated State of Feral Hogs (Wild Boars) in the Residential Areas of the community, a. realizing the very real, Extreme and Imminent Danger they present to people and property, and b. acknowledging the Real and Extensive of Damage to Private and Public Damage caused by these animals, and their threat to the ecosystem within the community, and c. Adoption of an Immediate Plan to Act Decisively. 2. Adoption of Corrective Actions to be undertaken immediately to institute a plan for to outline Safe & Effective Hog Hunting Strategies, a. to include Eradication by Trapping where effective, and b. Hunting with Dogs, Bow & Arrow, and Firearms, and c. Plans to hire Licensed & Insured Trappers and Trapping Firms, providing provisions and renumeration to those who will safely and effectively reduce their numbers. 3. Planning and Protocols with Strategies to maintain the ongoing Safety and Security of FHR Residents, Visitors, Pets and their Personal Property: a. Ongoing & Seasonal Trapping and Hunting, b. Maintaining Hog Population through continued Trapping and Hunting, and Hog Fencing, at levels not exceeding that of public spaces and food sources. 4. Provision of Resources for Homeowners Affected by Wild Hogs: a. Management of a List of Resource and Contact Numbers, with b. Access to an Appointed Board Member who can make a(n) Executive Decision(S) to take corrective action when acute situations demand the need for and immediate response, between Board of Director Meeetings. 5. Damage Repair: FHR-HOA Board of Directors should treat and repair any area (Public or Private) within the community, that is (are) "excessively damaged" by hogs, with the same fairness and sense of responsibility, a. acknowledging that these wild hogs reside in the public and common areas of the community, residential and common areas treated as one in the same, with the same consideration given for private, as the public areas affected by hog damage, and b. are these extremely hog-damaged areas are therefore treated with the same sense of responsibility of the community as a whole, with c. "Excessively Damaged Areas" to be determined by the square footage involved and extent to which reasonable repairs (such as in small areas distubed - to be defined), major vs. minor defined, and that which cannot be made by the homeowner without undue hardship and "excessive" cost, and d. *The Residents of Avocet in FHR, support the repair of areas that are "Excessively Damaged by Hogs" as on the property of the Gill Residence @ 6105 Avocet Ridge Drive. 6. Preservation of Conservation Areas, Wooded Areas, and Naturalized Areas around Ponds: The Board of Directors will take necessary Action to Protect and Prevent: a. the unauthorized and needless destruction of natural forestation, trees, shrubs, plants and grasses in areas dedicated as "Conservation Areas", b. to avoid mowing of areas that exist normally as wild, and c. allow those areas that exist in a naturalized state, (i.e.,) such as those with native trees and berries, shrubs and grass, and d. especially protecting those areas near and at the back of ponds abutting conservation areas, to grow naturally, so native and wild animals have "safe" places to forage and habitate.


Pam Gill Avocet Subdivision FishHawk Ranch, FL 33547


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