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Petition to the Game Masters of EU Hellscream

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We the undesigned do respectfully petition the Game Masters (GM) of EU Hellscream realm to reconsider their adjudication, under Bizzard Entertainments (Blizzard) European server naming policy (name policy), with regards to a guild of that realm entitled "FFS, I'm Dead Again" (the guild) and request that the guild be allowed to submit the following arguments for consideration, which we feel constitute grounds for an appeal against this unwarranted action. Whilst the guild fully accepts the right of both Blizzard to maintain a naming policy and of the GM to enforce such policy and further supports the stated mission of Blizzard and the GM to create and maintain a "fun and safe environment for all players", the guild name was carefully chosen to comply with the naming policy as documented at As a guild we go to great lengths to ensure a family friendly environment, not least because many of our members are in fact our own children and we therefore have a vested interest in maintaining that family friendly environment. Inappopriate naming, which is the only category of infiringement listed in the naming policy document that we feel could even remotely be used as justification for the adjudication against the Guild name, is defined in that document as 1) mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions, 2) illness/disease names or 3) otherwise considered objectionable. We would accept that profanity in this context would be objectionable, but "FFS" is not even close to profanity. This last clause is, in the absence of such profanity, entirely subjective and we should therefore like to respectfully enquire to whom the name is objectionable We would submit to Blizzard and the GM that "FFS" is not objectionable to people who do not know what the acroymn means. These letters could stand for anything, Fred Flint Stone for example. We would further submit that anyone guessing that one of the letters from the acronym was profane must have already known the profanity that they are substituting and that they would ceratinly not have learnt any such profanity from exposure to the text "FFS". We would additionaly submit that we do we feel that "FFS" can be deemed objectionable on the grounds of its common usage on the MUD. Finally we would submit that even Blizzard do not find "FFS" to be offensive, as evidenced by the fact that this commonly used term is not restricted by the content filter. In summary we feel that the adjudication in this matter, both the change of name and warning issued to the guild leader, was disproportionate, unjustifiable and overzealous and we do hereby respectfully request the right to appeal this decision.

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