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Petittion to Keep imprisoned/execute FeliciaYbanez

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On May 2nd, 1994, Felicia Ybanez, 18, and co-conspirator Laura Ann Jones, 17, broke into the house of one 72-year-old Emily Nunis, with the intention of robbing the elderly woman. After clearing the elderly woman's house of all her jewelry and other valuables, the duo then took four knives and entered the sleeping woman's bedroom with the intention of ending her life. Laura Ann Jones repeatedly asked Mrs. Ybanez to stab her to death with one of the knives, but Mrs. Ybanez refused because, in her own words, it was "gross". According to Ybanez's own words, she asked Laura Jones to turn off the lights before stabbing the 72 year old because she "reminded her of her mother". Still according to Ybanez's words, Jones then begain to repeatedly stab Emily Nunis to death as Ybanez stood laughing. Felicia Ybanez is currently serving life in prison for her violent women of an elderly woman committed for the sheer pleasure of it. However, she will be eligible for parole in 14 years, and in the mean time has set up a number of websites in which she complains about how unfair it is that she be forced to spend another 14 years in prison when all she did was laugh at a 73 year old women as she was being violently murdered. According to Mrs. Yabanez, since all she did was laugh at the women with glee, not actually stab her herself, it's unfair that she be victimized by being forced to go to prison. PLEASE, everybody sign this petition showing that you are in favor of either legally executing Mrs. Ybanez for her violent crimes or at the least keeping her in prison for the rest of the life; we can not let her roam the streets free where she will inevitably kill more defenseless people for a mixture of profit and amusement. If we can receive enough petitions, we will send this to the current governor of Tennessee; hopefully this will remind him that people still feel sympathy for Emily Nunis and murder victims everywhere. FROM THE NEWS: "One of two teenagers charged with killing a southeast Shelby County woman in May was granted a bond Monday, though it was set at $2 million. Felicia Ybanez, 18, and co-defendant Laura Ann Jones, 17, who did not ask for bond, are charged in the May 2 robbery and stabbing of 72-year-old Emily Nunis. ''I just kind of like stood over her and Laura was in there, you know, trying to root me on to cut her with a knife,'' Ybanez said in a statement to police that was read in Criminal Court. ''I was like in this stupid position and I just started, you know, I was just laughing.'' While the statement was being read, the victim's daughter left the courtroom in tears. Ybanez said she wanted a bond set so she could spend time with her family. She promised to comply with any conditions the court set and said she would return for trial because ''It's the law.'' After the hearing, Judge John Colton Jr. set her bond at $2 million, twice what state prosecutors had requested. Nunis lived alone at 6124 Talon Drive in the Eaglewood Apartments near Winchester and Ridgeway. Jones knew her because the mother of a boy she dated worked for Nunis, authorities said. In her nine-page statement, Ybanez said she and Jones broke in a rear window and stole jewelry, money and checks and then got four steak knives from the kitchen. She said Nunis remained asleep in bed despite their noisy entry, with her glasses on, an open book on her chest and the bedside lamp still on. Ybanez said she stood over Nunis with a knife and asked Jones to turn off the lights when she realized the elderly woman reminded her of her grandmother. When Nunis awakened and began to scream, she said, Jones began stabbing her repeatedly.

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