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I believe today we need a change in society as a whole, not just here in the United States, but the world over. What could we change so easy that would impact the world as we know it? Before I answer this let us look at a few things that we deal with on a daily basis. The first thing that comes to mind is world hunger, the second thing is poverty, and the third is the continuing alienation of our races. Yes I am touching on world peace so to speak. Not of the color of our skin, but as our cultures in whole. Walk through any city here in the Untied States and you will see parts of every city broke down torn to shreds, and in shambles. Take a trip to any country and you will find the same picture but even worse you will see, whole countries in this shape. I propose we start a movement here in our city and prove to the world that this can be accomplished. We tear down the old factories that are rotting into the ground, the vacant lots and forgotten houses. We then as a community come together tend the ground and plant organic fruits and vegetables to share with our neighbors. We feed the people around us as if they are part of our family. It does not matter what country they came from, because now they are your neighbor, your friend, your family. By doing this we help feed the hunger, in turn we help with poverty. Because now money that would have gone to feed the families can go to other bills, education and so forth. We as a whole would be healthier and the cost of medical bills would decline, there again freeing up money to go to education, or other bills. We would come together and learn more about the people around us care more for them in return, be united as one and eradicated world hate. How much money would it save the local or federal government if we could decrease welfare by growing our own food? The Bible says give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach a man to fish and he will eat for eternity. This could come to be if we would start this right here right now. I look at my neighborhood and know in a three block radius there are at least ten homes that need tore down, and five vacant lots. Sitting there day after day week after week, and year after year. Ask yourself this if my idea was to become reality how much food would that provide your family if you were my neighbor? Now the big question how do we accomplish this? The great thing in today’s society is the advancement of our technology, it is not only here for our enjoyment but can be used to do good. With that I have started a face book page and will continue to update it on a weekly basis. I will start a petition online and in person. I will present to the city counsel my ideas, and update the status of each. Will you join my cause or watch your neighbor, your city and the world continue to live in poverty and go hungry? I believe if we join together we could accomplish this and a whole lot more. Please start by signing the petition I will have up by the end of the week. I would also like some volunteers to be admins for this cause. I (we) can do this let us join together and feed one mouth at a time and end poverty one house at a time. Let us join as one family, friend, neighbor and put an end to the alienation we now know.



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