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Fear Psychosis by Capt. Sabu(TRI)

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We, the Designated Examiners and Type Rated Instructors of Airbus Fleet would like to wave a red flag at the hornet’s nest brewing in CTE, Hyderabad.

Capt. Sabu being a TRI has been creating a fear psychosis amongst all trainers by directly and indirectly terrifying us of dire consequences on training-related matters. It all started after Capt. Sabu failed his DE Viva. While we empathize with, this disgruntled behavior of Capt. Sabu trying to target the training and the establishment will harm the training with a cascading effect on our company.

1. An entry has been made in his service record regarding the incident of 06/04/2016 and his insistence on flying with a particular crew.

2. He was responsible for the cancellation of flight AI 672(Chennai-Mumbai) on 18/10/2008 following an argument with CISF and Chief Manager (Security)

3. The Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Crime Branch, CID, Mumbai, has traced emails of objectionable and defamatory emails sent by Capt. Sabu, for which he admitted his guilt and apologized for the same on 30/03/2012.

4. On 26th February 2016, Capt. Sabu failed his LTC Viva. Due to his unsatisfactory performance in LTC viva, he was disgruntled and misbehaved with another captain. As per the preliminary report dated 11th April 2016 enquiry, he was found guilty of his improper behavior.

5. Flight AI-273 of 24/11/2013 was delayed by an hour and a half as Capt. Sabu failed to observe the procedures established in Operations Manual. He was warned by the competent authority vide discipline letter dated 28/02/2014.

6. Capt. Sabu has regularly displayed very poor time management, poor planning of simulator sessions, and unable to perform the tasks efficiently. He tries to impose his shortcomings on other trainers by finding fault with the training establishment and standards.

Sir, from the incidents mentioned above, it is pellucid that Capt. Sabu has a history of condescending, harassing colleagues, and targeting the establishment should he have a professional or personal breakdown. Instructors should be of recognized integrity and have a balanced attitude towards the flight crew. To whitewash his shortcomings as a TRI, he is throwing a spanner in the works of fellow TRIs who have been performing their simulator duties proficiently by questioning our ability and threatening to report to external agencies. We request the management to deal with this Russian roulette played by Capt. Sabu so we can continue to perform our duties diligently minus the nuisance.




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