Father's who Deny Grandparents Rights to see their Grandchildren

Deborah soderstrom
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I am a grandmother who loves and cherishes her grandchildren. I have 3 two of them are with Mr. Choate who refuses to answer calls and refuses to let me see my grandchildren of whom one I raised for him and my daughter for 11 months! I am very close to them but because he got into trouble twice in 2012 and my granddaughter cried to come live with me he got angry at her and me and accused me of trying to take her away and that I only wanted her. I love them all I would take them all to save them from being verbally abused and poisoned against me and their mother. Granted neither one is a saint, but I have done everything for them that can and always love them being around and they love being around me. I am so afraid he will turn the younger boy against me I am going to court to get my visitation rights and if anybody out there is having this problem sign this petition to show the judge I am not alone in this issue



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