False DV case filed wife on husband aged 70

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I am aged 70 years and have worked abroad for 23 years. My earnings abroad were sent to my wife. In June 1994 she took in a tenant aged 18 years, my wife 42 years then. My wife had invested on two immoveable properties in 2003 and 2004 in the name of the tenant without my knowledge. I returned to Bangalore in Feb 2003. Discovered the above incidents. Suspect inappropriate relationship. I was subject to extreme domestice violence by my wife - harrassment and humiliation and was deprived of food. When I started delving into the source of investments on the tenant, I was assaulted by the tenant instigaged by my wife - of 41 years of married life - on 25 Jan 2010 and was hospitalised. A criminal assault case is in progress in court against them. To hide her misdeeds, she has filed a false DV case against me for protection without a shred of evidence viz. date and time of incidents, police charge sheet, witnessess, etc. I understand there is a court ruling that senior male citizens aged 65 years and over do not come under the ambit of DV owing to advancing age, declining health, etc. I would be grateful if any reader of this note sends me a copy of this ruling by me mail to fredyroby@yahoo.com. Many thanks - F Roberts





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