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Aeria relaunch Fantasy Earth Zero!

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Fantasy Earth Zero is a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Square Enix. It was previously made playable in North America beginning on January 12, 2010 by online games publisher GamePot USA.

The game was given little attention by the hosting company, but was met with an enthusiastic reception from its (relatively) small but heavily dedicated player base. Much to their dismay, on February 3, 2011 GamePot USA announced the shutdown of the FEZ NA servers only one short year after its NA release date. The game was officially shut down on March 21, 2011. Hundreds of disappointed players reluctantly logged offline for what they feared would be the last time.

Since its shut down more than two years ago, Fantasy Earth Zero has had an almost cult following. Proof of the dedication of thousands of ex-FEZ players can be found all over the net - from several Facebook pages, countless petitions, hundreds of gaming forum topics and discussions, to numerous letters and emails addressed to any game company that might be willing to host the lost gem.


Aeria Games and Entertainment corporation is a big-name online games publisher and host that recently acquired Gamepot Japan - the company holding up the last running Fantasy Earth Zero servers.

The purpose of this petition is to respectfully request for Aeria Games corporation to bring back Fantasy Earth Zero North America, and to indicate the number of dedicated Fantasy Earth Zero supporters who wholeheartedly support this cause and the potentially permanent resurrection of this beloved MMO.

**This petition was opened because all the links to the "official" movement petition were broken, on every source I found as of 11/12/13.**

--Each signature on this petition represents::

One dedicated ex-Fantasy Earth Zero player or
An active gamer that would like to see FEZ relaunched.
Each signature additionally represents the effort that each individual supporter will put into spreading the word - by telling their siblings, relatives, friends, arch-nemeses, guilds, forums, angry-mobs, etc. both about the relaunch movement and (potentially) about Fantasy Earth Zero should you choose to support it.

Each signature that is collected is a promise, on our behalf,
that should Aeria Games corporation choose to resurrect and support Fantasy Earth Zero, then we as a player- and fan-base will do everything in our power to support you in bringing this movement to fruition - and permanently bringing Fantasy Earth Zero back to North America.


Please note these references are not all those that are available to you. You can always google for more results. Feel free to contact me to list more petitions and helpful topics here.


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