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To: CBS Executives Re: Bring Back Burn We, the undersigned, are fans of the character Aiden Burn from the show under your production entitled CSI: New York. We are disappointed that Vanessa Ferlito has chosen to leave the show, and we understand that the parting was amicable. Therefore, we request that you speak with Miss Ferlito regarding her return to the show, as we feel her presence adds to the dynamic of the cast. Her absence has left a void in the show that we, her fans, would like to see eradicated by her return. We understand that she may choose to stay with her decision, but we would like you to inform her that her fans are upset. We have collaborated to form a list of twenty reasons why we think her character should return: #1: The show truly isn\'t the same without her. #2: Because she\'s \"real New York,\" and Lindsay isn\'t (being from Montana), and the show needs New York to live up to its name #3: Because she fits into the cast, making everyone seem more comfortable #4: Because without her, a few ships won\'t be able to go on. #5: Having no mention of her really rubbed her fans the wrong way #6: She had an amazing dynamic with the cast, and her character had the same with the CSI crew. We, the viewers, watch for the character interaction; Aiden\'s was what made us keep watching #7: She was a great friend to the other characters. For instance, she was the one who got Danny to go do the psych evaluation. #8: She really cared about what she was doing #9: She believed there really was justice #10: Her fans miss her so much #12: She is a role model to some people... Like us! #13: Aiden Burn is (arguably) the best female CSI character of all 3 CSIs. I love her tough, street smart attitude! #14: There is a certain spark that is missing from the show without her. #15: She\'s smart, edgy, and witty. #16: She embodied Brooklyn. Ya got ta be representin\' all boroughs, know what I\'m sayin\' #17: She made the show complete, and some people stopped watching after she left #18: She always kept trying, no matter how difficult the situation. #19: She\'s not someone that gives up easily (and neither are we!) #20: She always had her friend\'s backs, like in the episode \"Crime and Misdemeanor\" for Danny These are twenty reasons, but I\'m sure we could think of many more! Please let Miss Ferlito know her presence is missed. Thank you very much, The Undersigned.




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