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  • Bethann Rock
    Bethann Rock United States, Pittsburgh
    Feb 14, 2017
    Feb 14, 2017
    Joan didn't get fired. Joan set up a meeting with some fans. Lisa told the fans that Patrick would be at a certain place and time. The closed production a day early and the fans flew in just to meet him. Lisa lied as usual and Patrick had to pick between his wife's lies and Joan's truth. He couldn't go against Lisa since he had to live with her so he had to go with believing Lisa the liar that had no fans nor friends. Joan is the only true person that knows everything that happened in Patrick's acting and personal life. Everyone is a Lunatic to Danielle since Patrick threw her out of his family for breaking in and parting, putting cigarettes out on his beautiful self made flooring. Danielle has always resented Joan for her being thrown out of his family. But he caught Danielle taking Lisa's Mercedes out at 14yrs old. Her friends put their cigarettes out on his beautiful flooring. Danielle is the Lunatic the way she talked to Joan in her Fan Club. Nor the other way out.
  • Blake Covington
    Blake Covington United States, Denver
    Jun 08, 2014
    Jun 08, 2014
    You cannot ban a Swayze from a Swayze page. Get real and get a life, Joan the Loon...
  • Bailey Christine
    Bailey Christine United States, Los Angeles
    Jun 08, 2014
    Jun 08, 2014
    I reas some of the crap on the Perfectly Patrick page... seems Joan has it in her head that family "loves" her.... old woman causing drama and allowing for peple to talk ill about Swayze blood is absolutely disgusting! I'd believe Patrick Swayze's flesh and blood over a woman who repeats herself constantly about the PAST anyday.... I left that group, I don't need idiotic peple judging their "idols" FAMILY... disgraceful
  • Ashley T
    Ashley T United States, La Habra
    Jun 05, 2014
    Jun 05, 2014
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