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Change Family Exclusion in Auto Insurance

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Did you know that in most insurance policies there is a Family Member Exclusion clause Here\'s what most policies state... \'Family member exclusion, we do not provide liability coverage for you or any family member for bodily injury to you or any family member Family member defined as those living w/ you related by blood, marriage, or adoption Reason of exclusion is that there is a greater risk of fraudulent claims between members of the same family.\' The law in most states with Family Exclusion is that in the case of family member exclusion the insurance company must only pay minimum limits (20/40 for bodily injury because exclusion only applies to bodily injury). Example: Coverage exists for 100/300. Injured family member gets a judgment for $75K. How much must insurance company pay Insurance company only pays 20K (only owes) but above that amount, the exclusion is valid. They\'re only liable for the state\'s minimum coverage under Family Exclusion! This law should be changed for everyone!Several states are already working to change this. Maryland, for example, changed the law so that insurance companies MUST add an option to purchase coverage that will provide full benefits to every family member! Oregon has a bill that\'s on the move now that will get rid of Family Exclusion altogether! This law was passed to save insurance companies from fraudulent claims but the insurance companies are abusing a law that was meant to protect them. They are using this law to deny legitimate claims! Policy holders should recieve full benefits of their coverage without having to take their own insurance company to court. The insurance company should only be able to deny benefits if fraudulent activity is proven! In our case, my husband and I had no idea that this exclusion existed! Our daughter was severly injured in an auto accident and her bills are already over the full benefit limits and rising everyday. We were told by the insurance company that although the policy limits are 100/300 the company is only obligated to pay 20k to our daughter because of the exclusion. We couldn\'t believe it! None of our friends could belive it either and began to call their insurance agents to ask. It is true and needs to be changed! I advise all parents to call your insurance company and ask about family exclusion! Then sign this petition and pass it on! If our daughter\'s story can help others then this was not a loss! We are fighting to have this law changed so that insurance companies must cover your family members with the full benefits within your policy. Our number one priority was to protect our family by purchasing full coverage insurance. Instead we are excluded from recieving the full benefits that we\'ve paid for based on our relationship to each other! This law was put into effect by our government representatives. They should be working for us, the people that elected them, instead they have sided with insurance companies saving them millions at our expense. For more info on our daughter Chloe please visit


Families wanting the benefits they\'ve paid for! In most cases people aren\'t even aware that their policy won\'t cover their own children!

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