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Clay Hodges
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To enlighten Africa Americans on the dangers of calling each other nigga, bitch, hoe, etc. I want to bring awarness to the power of our poor word usage when referring to our fellow peers and how willie lynchism dictated our use of these terms. Each word we used has a capacity and if we are ignorant to the words we use and the capacity of them we are creating a future for oursleves that we are not even conscious of. The goal isn't to eliminate these words from our vocabulary but to give alternative words that synonymies the thought. By calling each other brother and sister we build more of a connection, which will give us a sense of togetherness. In the process we will establish a greater respect for one another. For example, a man will respect a sister more than a bitch. Just as a woman will respect a brother more than a nigga. In turn, the campaign will resurrect the black pride movement, which will result in us rediscovering who we really are. This is only the beginning.


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