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Protect Our Vote!

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We are law abiding citizens who fairly elected Donald Trump as our President and for the past 3 years we have sat quietly and watched these deep state traitors do everything in their power with lies and corruption to try and void our election.

Legal is legal, but the way our President has been treated is traitorous. Can I say Coup?

Enough is enough and we are here today to tell you, Democrats and Rinos, that if Trump is impeached for any bullshit reason you will have to deal with us, all 61 million of us!

You have nothing but hearsay from this whistle blower and yet you have video evidence of VP Biden bragging that he leveraged a foreign country for personal gain and you did nothing. WHY?

With an impeachment, you will have pushed us into a corner by taking our vote away and what is an American if their vote means nothing. Remember if a civil war starts, you started it.

If there were a proven substantial impeachable act, different story, but you have had him impeached for a dozen different things and nothing. You even wanted to impeach one of his judges before you knew who it was.

I strongly advise you to regroup and start acting like the Americans we used to know and not the Communist invaders that you are.This not a difference of opinion, but an all out invasion of our country!

This is not a threat, but it is a fact and this is the most I've ever said on this subject with only using one cuss word!

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