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Fake News About Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

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Dear News Nation,

Today I was watching, your programme at 9:30pm on saint Rampalji, and I really felt disappointed to see a disgusting and third class without proof irresponsible reporting making saint Rampalji guilty and ruining his image among society, Even court has acquitted him from 02 cases, still you are barking like whore. You are Fox and you will have to pay.

For your kind information :-

1. Saint Rampalji given Resignation in 2000 not expelled by Haryana Govt.

2. Media beaten by police at SATLOK ASHRAM not by devotees of saint Rampalji.

3. Naam Diksha is Free of cost, even food, medicines, transport, stay, washrooms, everything is free then why you are telling that money is charged ? Dont you feel ashamed against your profession ?? OR who has given you money to do so ??

Infact Everynews Channel is doing same thing to misguide the Humanism on saint Rampalji, But the truth is that Kabir Saheb is Creator of Universe & saint Rampalji is his Messenger for our Salvation from KAAL king of our universe, he is bound to eat daily one lac Human Souls Impurities thats why he kill us and put in 84 lac types of different species as soul never dies it travels from one body to another.

REAL INCIDENT 18 NOV 2014 at Satlok Ashram Haryana :- bombs, bullets, expired tear gas , water canon , stones , bamboos sticks etc were used by police, around one lac devotees were present, protest run for two weeks . Conclusion of protest is that saint Rampalji is proclaimed for various false cases and we were demanding for a CBI Investigation.

During this incident real face of Govt. Judiciary Police and Media revealed that everybody is corrupt . Even human rights and women child helpline is doing only formalities in India. Firstly police stopped electricity, water and food supply, and we were calling to all these Human Rights and Helplines and everybody has engaged their phones and they were saying what we can do ? Means these are reactive bullshit functions not proactive . We kept sending help mail pl helppppppppp...... to Prime Minister of India - No Response, President of India - No Response, Parliament of India - No Response, Supreme Court of India - No Response, Court of Many states - No Response, Alas ! Now we were had to face the force action. Then Mid day Rhymes - असुरनिकन्दन रमैनी we started at 12 noon and just after 5 minutes in mid of रमैनी force started his action which you can watch in below documentary.

बरवाला की घटना की सच्चाई

Further police arrested us beaten badly in police station and then beaten inside the jail also for two days . Evidence were manipulated by Govt. through police like sex medicines, pregnancy kit, camera angles were rotated towards females washrooms. I myself used to work in Ashram on computer system but we were not having access of cameras near females, those were monitored by females devotees only and paid media had published just imaginary stories. They projected white cat as white Tiger under the Govt. Pressure and Money from Arysamaj and various false saints, whose business was dying due to true spritual knowledge of saint Jagatguru Rampalji Maharaj My name is SUBHASH SINGH and I have the every guts to shoot each media person who barked for saint Rampalji.

1. Lift chair is engineering to save extra cost.

2. Vita milk used to make kheer, milk bath is done by Sunny leon and there is video evidence of her.

3.Everyone should have swimming pool in home, swimming is good form of excercise also cycling and trade mill and body massagers.

4. Beer bottles, Condoms, Sex Enhancing medicines , all planted by police and aryasamaji peoples as Ashram was open for outsiders after arrest of saint Rampalji.

Rest now you can understand for more details read book बरवाला की घटना की सच्चाई , free download from

Must read जीने की राह और ज्ञान गंगा from

SATLOK ASHRAM HARYANA will soon change the Indian Constitution and system under the blessings of saint Rampalji and creator of universe - Kabir the weaver !


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