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Fairness For The People of Lakeside Pointe

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Friday, August 24, 2012| 10:00 p.m
We have been informed by more than one resident that management, along with certain staff members, were informed of the petitions and went around to doors and mailboxes, removing them.  The manager responded to The Fairness For The People of Lakeside Pointe Petition by personally saying to me, while witnesses watched, "I understand that petitions ARE NOT illegal, however, you are soliciting".
 My response?  Maybe someone should grant clarification on what the word soliciting truly means. Amongst the signatures received on the very first day of the petition, are two residents, both alleging that they were THREATENED by certain office staff, once they were seen reading the petitions. 
My response to this matter?  RETALIATION is a serious..., EXTREMELY SERIOUS offense, which can result in a massive civil action lawsuit, in favor of the victims. 
When Concord Management created its code of ethics, I'm sure [no employee] were exempt.  In the even that I'm not correct in saying this, "please pardon my way of thinking".  No corporation is willing to risk being sued, as a result of a staff member's ego. Remember, "approach is everything".  
My behavior has not been violent, and my words have only been truthful.  After hearing that residents were threatened, this matter has now taken on an ENTIRELY different perspective for me.  I plan to now call in the heavy hitters--big names from high places.  Civil Rights Groups, as well as Human Rights Organizations would eat this story up! 
Media will be notified..., within due timing.  Blog spots, search engines, and newspapers will hear of this malicious act of threats upon the innocent.  I will always, no matter the circumstance, work within the condition of the law..., never handling that which is due to be handled by proper authorities.  To Concord's Staff, as I know that you are checking this site frequently:  "You are not the only ones with an attorney";  I personally recommend that you retain at least two.  It would have been wise to have consulted with your attorney prior to "THREATENING" multiple, innocent residents on your property.  In addition, removing mail and notices from someone's door would be considered more of an offense than your allegations of soliciting:
Federal Law - Title 18, Section 1705
Title 18 of the U.S. Code covers crimes and criminal procedure, according to  Section 1705 of Title 18, "Whoever willfully or maliciously injures, tears down  or destroys any letter or other receptacle intended or used for the receipt  or delivery of mail, or breaks open the same or willfully or  maliciously injures, defaces or destroys any mail deposited therein, shall be  fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both." This  means that violators can serve a prison sentence up to three years for each act  of vandalism. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service notes that a fine of $250,000  can be levied. 
Also, in response to your indication that my postings on mailbox doors was soliciting, Webster defines the word "soliciting" as [to try to obtain by asking for].  In addition, no one is exempt from policy and procedure--not even Concord's staff.  In essence, consider every letter, notice, or posting in which you have ever placed on apartment doors as, in your own words, "soliciting". 
My status, whether resident or non-resident, does not determine whether I reveal the unfairness of your residents to the general public, and possibly a grand jury.  My motive is not money, fame, or malice.  My motive is justice.  I have resources that could never be accessed by the average person. 
Remember, check back periodically for updates, as I will update often.  God Bless Concord Management as well as Concord Tenants.

If you would like to contact the editor of this petition or if you or someone you know have a private issue in regards to this petition, in which you would like to share:  please email the editor at  You shall receive a response within 48 hours.  Please allow up to 72 hours on weekends.  The editor would really like to contact all of you personally; therefore, please send me an email, just indicating that you are a petition signer.  The email does not have to include any additional information.  The purpose is so that I will have your email address on file, as a means of keeping you informed of meetings, new information, etc.
Friday, August 24, 2012| 7:00 a.m.
Lakeside Pointe Apartments, located within the heart of Leesburg, FL---from first glance, one would find this apartment community charming as well as rewarding. Take a closer step back, and you will find contradicting reviews, evidence, and allegations of misconduct and unhappy tenants. Don't take my word for it; I've attached various links throughout this petition in hopes that the links may be used as a helpful resource to any questions you might have. I would like to stress that this petition is based upon the sole research of its editor, as well as the views and opinions of others. It should be duly noted that opinions are defined as a subjective belief or an interpretation of facts. However, in my opinion, it is clear that Lakeside Pointe Apartments are poorly managed, rapidly loosing positive ratings, and are within violation of certain Fair Housing Laws. Though it is true that every state has its different statutes, laws, and bylaws, The Fair Housing Act is overseen by The United States Department of Justice.

The following statement can be found online and was written by Lakeside Pointe Apartments or it affiliates, "Lakeside Pointe is professionally managed by Concord Management, Ltd, a national leader of affordable housing communities". (We'll let you be the judge of that statement). According to several different sources, recent reviews clearly prove otherwise. Click Here To Read Recent Reviews.
With a Master's of Law Degree, filing this petition on behalf of the many unheard tenants of Lakeside Point Apartments was, for me, the fair and just thing to do. Before I go farther into detail, according to most residents of the community, not everyone at Lakeside Pointe Apartments have let the ball drop. There is one outstanding leasing agent..., as well as one amazing maintenance technician. For the sake of safety, as well as the logic of avoiding legal damages, let's just call the two above-mentioned persons Crystal and Jarrid. It shall be said that neither Crystal or Jarrid took part in the making of this petition. I am confident that office management will be able to easily identify the editor of this petition.
To the general public, I, the said Petitioner, am no amature at advocating on behalf of victims' rights. I have worked with the NAACP, as well as The Civil Rights Organization in the past. I have established a strong name in which I am very proud of. I have no fear of being "The Voice of the People". My act is pure and justifiable; and for that reason, I am content with my doings.
Petitions fall under The U.S. Constitution. In the United States, the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the federal constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging "the right of the petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The right to petition is essential for exercising First Amendment Rights. Click Here to read The Right To Petition for yourself.

Lakeside Pointe has no clause found within its lease agreement which would:

  • Prohibit the filing of a petition by either a resident or nonresident..., against the community, its employees, and/or affiliates.
  • Prohibit the recruiting of signatures as a means of improving life within the community, via petition or via any named or un-named method found herein.

Once you, the tenant, have entered into a contract, you have a number of rights under several statutes:

  • The Protection From Eviction Act of 1977.
  • The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985.
  • The Housing Act of 1988.
  • The Family Law Act of 1996.

Management's Failure To Comply With Terms and Conditions of Said Lease Agreement:

1.  Rent, found within lease agreement: Residents have made allegations of having their rent increased, while still within an active lease, and without notice. Management has failed to provide the residents with the ease and security of feeling confident within their lease agreement. Tenants are moving in and IMMEDIATELY moving back out.
2.  Utilities, found within lease agreement: Residents have been charged gigantic utility bills, (multiple months' worth). For those tenants who opt to utilize their utilities through the leasing office, bills are paid directly to the leasing office, in addition to rent. (One resident recently received a utility bill indicating sewer services totaling almost $90.00).
3.  Safety
, compromising residents: There are dead snakes decomposing within the sand box, where many resident children play. There are living snakes around the sidewalks, near the trash bin, and sometimes at the mailbox.
Safety, compromising residents: Some days, there are spiders and spider webs nestled around the entry-code box, approaching the gate.
5.  Safety
, compromising residents: Infestations of spider webs can be found on almost every apartment door within the community; and with only one maintenance technician actively working on the tenants' behalf each day, residents have certainly been compromised. Said maintenance technician also works at another Concord property on specific days.

Residents sometimes wrongfully charged Fines are often charged against residents for vigorous reasons:

1.          (i.e.) "We were informed that you have a pet". "You are hereby charged".

2.          (i.e.) "There is a bike in front of your apartment building". "We HAVE ASSUMED that it belongs to you". "You are hereby charged".

After careful research and review, I have vital information showing that the property's ratings, as well as resident-count, have declined drastically, since undergoing current management. The office manager is far from hands-on with the residents and disregards 99.999% of calls and/or visits from tenants.
If you are a resident or if you would like to re-enforce this attempt to resolve the unfairness in which the residents at Lakeside Pointe Apartments face each day, we ask that you simply sign this petition, requesting better management. Don't fear, as retaliation against you is prohibited by law. Remember that there are laws designed to protect you. You must also remember to never take the law into your own hands.

If you are a victim of any type of housing violations and/or discrimination, there are agencies out there that are willing to assist you. Filing a fair housing complaint is one alternative; However, you must keep in mind that at least one or more of your rights, as a tenant, must have been violated by the landlord/leasing agency. False allegations should never be made and certain allegations are not easily proven. Remember to always keep documentation of everything--maintenance requests, phone calls made to office personnel, dates and times, persons spoken to, unjustifiable notices, receipts, bills, etc. Also, if you are receiving any type of rental assistance, filing a complaint with your local housing authority is always wise. BBB complaints are normally a step closer to what you are attempting to achieve; however, the BBB is designed to only handle specific complaints. Discrimination and certain violations are normally out of their reach. Resources: Florida's Landlord/Tenant Law, Ch.83, Part II., Florida Statutes. Click Here to read.

My suggestion? 'Glad you asked. Concord Management should stop, listen, and take into consideration the hundreds of complaints against management. When such a large group reports the same issues, there has to be at least some truth to the matter, right? It should never take the filing of a petition or legal suits to get the due attention of apartment management. Violations by non-empathetic staff members should be looked at as subjecting the entire corporation to legal damages and HUD penalties.
(i.e.) One resident had an ongoing mold issue in her apartment for almost two months. Due to the mold, her child was taken to the hospital with white foam coming out of his mouth..., gasping to breathe, and doctors were highly concerned. The mold was caused by a leak from the a.c. unit and according to the resident, the leak was massive enough to cause flooding throughout 80% of the apartment for almost two months. The last time she and I spoke, the resident had retained an attorney and was in the process of seeking monetary damages against the apartment site, as hazardous odors from the mold are still within the apartment. Even after the severe flooding, management failed to replace the damaged carpet. Now tell me, in an instance such as mentioned above, which party has violated the lease agreement--the tenant or the landlord? Lease agreements are designed to hold both parties involved accountable to withhold their obligation to one another.
So on behalf of the poorly-treated residents of Lakeside Pointe, those who have been maliciously evicted, and you who were outrageously overcharged..., we hear you, we're with you, and for you we stand firmly, demanding change.
Together we can make a difference. To sign this petition, go online to



We will be holding meetings soon to take written statements of people who are, or who have been, affected. Your names will not be released to the apartment staff or to their corporate team. Names and statements will only be viewed by our team of attorneys, activists, and advocates. Email your name (click "contact sponsor" button), and I will be in touch regarding the meeting location.


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