Fairness for Fathers

Raja Antone
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WHEREAS, we are loving, actively involved and underrepresented Fathers in Georgia, we stand united in signing this petition to support meaningful and fair legislative improvements.


WHEREAS, our goal is to be the best fathers that we can possibly be by continuously providing for our child(ren) spiritually, emotionally, physically, as well as, financially.


WHEREAS, due to archaic and unjust laws and practices, often times that aspiration is daunting at best.


WHEREAS, vast reforms relative to Child Support and the Child Support Worksheet, Visitation and the determination thereof, and Equal Access to and Notification of all child related records are but some of our highest priorities that must be addressed.


WHEREAS, we desire that not one single Father/Child relationship to be neither adversely nor unnecessarily impacted by laws, the Court system, or other co-parents and therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, we the undersigned Fathers and Fathers-to-Be seek equal protection under the law and fairness in all parental matters to ensure a level playing field in all family court proceedings.

THEREFORE, we demand the Georgia Legislature take swift action to amend or abolish existing laws that deny or infringe upon parental rights. 


Raja Antone F6 (Fairness for Fathers, Fight for Fairness)






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