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Unfair treatment in Dark Orbit, by Moderators, Admins, and Support Team.

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We have made up this petition because the Administration on The Big Point Game; Dark Orbit, has become extremely biased. This is a game we pay to play, which is becoming more expensive with every add on, and upgrade. We want the administration to stop treating their "Clique" differently than other players. We want all bans to be treated equally and fairly regardless of who they are for. We want you to clean chat back up, because it is getting nasty. One Person should not get a 30 day suspension for saying the same thing that someone else got a 2 day ban for. One Person should not get a 30 day suspension for saying something far less derogatory than a person who got a 2 minute chat ban. If you cannot ban without favoritism, if you cannot moderate without biased,then you should not hold the positions that you do. We are tired of getting banned for asking for help from SMOD's, about the out of control MODs. We are tired of being told that it is being handled when we take tings to support when clearly it isn't, because anyone out of the "Clique" would have been 30 day banned for offenses, that certain players are only getting minuscule bans for. We are tired of being ignored by Dark Orbit Support when the matter is inconvenient for you. Moderators should set an example for the players, even on their personal accounts. If they can't follow chat/game rules they should not be put in any position of authority. [ADDED NOTE: It has been mentioned several times that Moderators not be allowed to Moderate servers that they have personal accounts on as a solution to the biased. Listen to your players, you will see there is a problem.],[ ADDED NOTE 2: You current Moderators posting on here are doing nothing but proving our point at the attitude that the support team has and the disrespect that players are getting. This petition is not going to Dark Orbit Support so you can shelf it, it is going to BigPoint and The BBB and any other organization it may need to go to. I [the creator of this petition] am not,  have  never been a moderator nor would I want to be. I play this game for fun not for work. For the people signing it; personal information about the moderators will not be left on this petition, because it is meant to be helpful to the players not harmful to the moderators privacy. Thanks.] [ADDED NOTE 3 : I did not hide the comments, Dark Orbit has complained to I petitions and they have hidden them due to their privacy rules. Your comments will still be sent in to Big Point Support they are just not shown in Public View here. However there is a place you can go and speak freely: http://forums.pinkfuzzy.net/smf/index.php/board,17.0.html


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