Fair Tax

Brian Gray
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This is a petition that will be passed to each congress representative of Georgia. Like many bills that have been passed in single states before, if we can get a Fair Tax bill to pass in even one state, it will not only show initiative in getting a better tax reform started, but may lead to other states adapting a "fair tax" system. This type of system will cancel the current tax system that the IRS has sole power over, creating a system that will hold equal accountability, regardless of income brackets, over every US "resident" (regardless if they are a legal citizen or not). There would be no more, or few, "tax evasion" or "loopholes". For more information about the "Fair Tax" system, please review the linked site:

With enough signatures, I will not only forward this petition to Georgia, but every other state representative in the US. So please... vote for "Fair Tax" today by signing this petition!





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