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Purpose: This petition has been created for Limelight residents (360/365 Square One Drive) to voice concern against the discriminatory and non consensual changes made to target residents using the gymnasium to play basketball AND the unlawful implementation of the rule changes by Management. Specifically, the petition is against the following:

1) Discriminatory and Targeted Policy Changes

Change in basketball hours (April 2019) - Thursday night basketball changed from 8PM - 11PM to 9PM - 11PM. This was the most popular time on the court. Moreover, one of the basketball nets is brought down at 9PM every day, forcing basketball players to only have one basketball net available during basketball hours on Thursday nights.

Change in Guest Policy (September 2019) - Guest policy changed to reduce guests allowed on Thursday night basketball from 2 down to 0. Number of guests allowed for Monday night Basketball changes from 2 guests to 1 guest. Policy is only in effect for basketball use ONLY and doesn't apply to any other sports.

Second Change in Guest Policy(December 2019) - Management reduces the amount of guests allowed in all recreational facilities from 2 guests to 1 guest for all activities and all hours of gym operation. Management has also hired a security guard to sit at the recreational desk during basketball hours despite no apparent need to do so. Most recently, after the December 6th changes, the security guard is equipped with a bulletproof vest.

2) Unlawful Implementation of Rule Changes

Per section 58 (6) of the Condominium Act (see Appendix A at the bottom of the Petition), upon making changes to condo rules, the board shall give a notice to the owner that includes a copy of the rule as made AND a statement that the owners have the right to requisition a meeting. On the notice sent out to residents regarding the Guest policy change, there was no statement provided advising residents of their rights to appeal, and the policy was put into effect "Immediately" with a note saying "Any violations will result in the immediate loss of gym privileges for the resident".

These changes were made with blatant disregard to the Condominium Act and without the consent of the residents. The property management company's primary contact has chose to ignore emails sent to him in regards to inquiry of the policy change and residents have not been provided with a valid explanation of why the changes were put in place and what threats were imminent that caused the need for a security officer with a bullet proof vest and the reduction of basketball playing time at the courts.

Call for Action!

We call on all residents to please sign the petition and take part in voicing your concern against targeted, non-consented and discriminatory changes in policies that this management is forcing on residents. Major changes in policies that impact residents including but not limited to recreation amenities, should only be changed with the consent of the residents and should not be based on the sole discretion of individual board members or the property manager that may hold a certain bias.

We demand the IMMEDIATE REVERSAL OF THE GUEST POLICY BACK TO 3 GUESTS and ask for fair recreation use for all residents.

Contact information

Concerned residents have been informed that the only way to notify the board of any complaints regarding this matter is to communicate through the PSCC 935 (South Tower) Property Manager, Salah Saeed by phone at (289) 232-4266 or by email at

Appendix A - Condominium Act, Section 58 (6)

(6) Upon making, amending or repealing a rule, the board shall give a notice of it to the owners that includes, (a) a copy of the rule as made, amended or repealed, as the case may be; (b) a statement of the date that the board proposes that the rule will become effective; (c) a statement that the owners have the right to requisition a meeting under section 46 and the rule becomes effective at the time determined by subsections (7) and (8); and (d) a copy of the text of section 46 and this section. 1998, c. 19, s. 58 (6); 2015, c. 28, Sched. 1, s. 54 (2). When rule effective

(7) Subject to subsection (8), a rule is not effective until the following time: 1. If the board receives a requisition for a meeting of owners under section 46 within 30 days after the board has given notice of the rule to the owners, the earlier of, i. the time at which a quorum is not present at the first attempt to hold the meeting, and ii. the time at which a quorum is present at the first attempt to hold the meeting and the owners do not vote against the rule at the meeting. 2. If the board does not receive a requisition for a meeting of owners under section 46 within the 30 days after the board has given notice of the rule to the owners, the day after that 30th day. 2015, c. 28, Sched. 1, s. 54 (3).

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