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#Fair_play Sniper Arena Petition Letter

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Good morning snipers. This is "The Letter." #Fair_play #Fairplay Please sign it and keep comments to signature with Game Name, Squad and squad position, or constructive additions. If you are signing for just yourself, state that. Thank you for your support.

May 9, 2017

Nordcurrent, Bad Santa’s Inc, related entities and all parties interested in Sniper Arena.

This letter is to formally apprise all of the responsible parties regarding the newly formed “fair-play movement”. As expected, you have quickly become aware of the actions taking place by many regular and veteran players of the Sniper Arena game. This letter is sent with the hope that a conversation regarding issues can be handled in both a professional and friendly manner involving each and every person/persons privy to this letter.

For months, now many of these active players have expressed discontent with many aspects of the game relating to cheating, technical issues, as well as extremely poor and unprofessional customer service. As shown by either sarcastic, childish replies via email as well as social media or through total lack of response at all, it has become evident the issues brought forth by paying customers have fallen on deaf ears.

As paying customers, we expect a better level of service than we have received to date. In order to help further this discussion, we have formed a group of players and identified the top issues that we as a group require to be addressed promptly. While we offer some potential solutions to the issues raised, we fully acknowledge that you are the game developer and will no doubt have your own potential solutions to these issues:

1. Cheating (in particular “homescreening”). As you noted on social media, this is an issue that you’re well aware of and in your own words “we’re working towards a resolution”. Solutions we propose include reducing the time allowed for home screening to 10 seconds or automatically respawning the player if home screened. Furthermore, those who are found to be cheating should be banned at least for the current season. If a squad is found to be facilitating cheating, it should forfeit all points for the current season. Cheating methods could involve apk hacks, fraudulent purchases and any other flagrant unsportsmanlike methods that provide any unfair advantage that is not based upon skill or game materials.

2. Dummy Bots. Possible solution would be to eliminate the “help points” during tourneys as well as domination matches.

3. TP AR 300 not firing properly. Many players report issues with the TP AR not autofiring on rollover of a target, or it fires and the player is not hit. Please address this issue as game play is substantially affected.

4. Mercenaries. This new addition to game play has severely degraded the Sniper Arena experience. Quite possibly the only option other than completely removing this feature would be to only allow mercs to shoot for rank points. Not permissible for squad cups nor cup runs. In addition mercs could only be hired to match what individual personally shot. There are many other issues with the system as it currently stands, and we would like to have an open conversation on these issues.

5. Game manipulation. This includes giving out medals and medal-based equipment for pay. Cease this practice and make game equal to each and every player.

6. Merc, Vet and RC medal recipients blocking the board. Once medal is received, the player moved to a different league for players with that medal, so the player doesn’t block others who do not have that medal.

7. Transfer of Accounts. Proceed with rapid transfer and deal with discrepancies on an individual basis after completed. Take any complaints from players who have had their accounts improperly handled very seriously.

8. Latency. Resolve latency for relevant customers using the America server. It should not be lagging for North American nor Australian customers as it was said to be for their use. One possible solution is to equalize latency for all players so if a player is closer to the server than another, the one closer has artifical latency added to compensate.

9. Communication. The communication with the player community needs to be considerably improved. Options could include a “Player’s Council” of selected players or commanders of squads, or the hiring of a third party moderator more proficiently set up to handle the influx of complaints/issues that have a history of professional tact and customer service.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this with the civility and seriousness of which it was sent. Please keep in mind that open communication as well as mutual respect can go a long way in resolving this current situation.

While the boycott is in its preliminary stage and will escalate dependent on your response, we thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to your quick response to the matters at hand.


Veteran Players of Sniper Arena

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