Fair Pay for Faculty at Colorado State University

Daniel Stephen
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IN RECOGNITION OF THE FACT THAT the base salary for Non-Tenure Track Faculty at Colorado State University is 30% below the median household income in Fort Collins;

AND THAT in February 2019 the University of Colorado, Boulder raised the minimum instructor salary to $52,000 for Instructors and $60,000 for Senior Instructors;

AND THAT the Modern Language Association has recommended a minimum base salary of $10,900 per 3 credit course;

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED demand that Colorado State University implement a guaranteed minimum salary of at least $52,000 per year for all full-time faculty working at CSU, a minimum salary of $60,000 per year for full-time Assistant Professor/Senior Instructor, and a minimum salary of $66,000 per year for full-time faculty promoted to Associate Professor/Master Instructor. We demand that this be implemented within all colleges at CSU, beginning in fall semester, 2019.

Salaries across the entire CSU system should be increased to match their regional cost of living.



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