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April 5, 2017

Dear Friends of Fr. John:

You are all invited to Fr. John’s 25th Ordination Anniversary Celebration. “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Please join us on May 9, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. for Mass to be celebrated by Father himself, at the Immaculate Conception Church,1710 Scugog Road, Port Perry, ON L9L 1E2.

RSVP no later than May 1 to Tim Flynn, either by phone: 905-642-5250; or by e-mail:

Reception to follow in the Church Hall after Mass. Any donation to the CWL toward the refreshments they will be providing, will be greatly appreciated.

Please share this information with those you know who would also like to attend and have them contact me.

Hope to see you all there!

Tim Flynn


December 5, 2016

Dear Supporters of Fr. John Duffy:

THE FRIENDS OF FATHER JOHN DUFFY TEAM are pleased to bring the following inspired news to all of Father John’s wonderful supporters. We have learned that there has been a very Christian, fraternal and just conclusion regarding the matter of Father John Duffy and the Archdiocese of Toronto. As of October 18, 2016, Father John Duffy has been issued his Celebret Card (also known as a traveling ID card) which states he is a priest in good standing, issued by His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins.

We are elated to hear this good news and thank God for answering all our prayers that have been offered up by you good people on behalf of Father John. We must continue to pray for our Father John that our Lord Jesus Christ will bless him with many more years of good health so that he can continue to minister to the People of God. We must also pray for the Holy Catholic Church and for our spiritual leaders in the Archdiocese of Toronto that our Blessed Lord will continue to keep all in His united love, dedicated to peace and courageous in evangelical zeal.

Father John has been overwhelmed and grateful for all of your unending prayers and support during his trying ordeal and he continues daily to remember you in his prayers. It has always been his faithful dedicated desire to administer the Sacraments of the Church to all of us in time of joy, suffering and need. What a wonderful outcome.

On behalf of The Friends of Father John Duffy Team, God bless you and thank you once again for all of your prayers and robust support of Father John Duffy.


Tim Flynn


July 14, 2016

Dear Supporters of Father John Duffy:

This is a long overdue update to advise everyone on the current situation concerning our friend Father John.

As requested by Father John, our fund-raising drive to support him to which you good people so generously supported, is now closed as he has advised that at this time he requires no further assistance.

Father John is extremely grateful for all your help and prayers which have sustained him during this trying period.

To further advise everyone, Father John’s status as a practising priest has not been clarified with the Archdiocese which keeps him in a state of limbo at this time.

Behind the scene, quiet ongoing intervention has been taking place.

Please, for the sake of Father John and our Holy Catholic Church, continue to pray for a just, honourable and Christian conclusion.

Should any further development occur, the information will be made available on this website.

On behalf of the “Friends of Father John Duffy”, we thank you for all your prayers and support.


Tim Flynn


October 25, 2015


The “Friends of Fr. John Duffy” are now briefly updating everyone on the hopeful direction that now appears to be occurring to restore Fr. John’s faculties (priesthood to administer the Sacraments), his good name, honour and for the healing of the Sacred Heart Parishioners in Uxbridge.

Over a number of years, Fr. John’s good name and reputation has been badly tainted by others causing Fr. John anguish and pain which he silently bore.

As a then recently ordained priest, he learned of a scandal that was actively taking place within the church. Fr. John brought this matter to the attention of the Archdiocese of Toronto (AD) to protect our church. His information was dismissed by the AD and he was treated as being unsound and unstable thus damaging his reputation. Later, the truth prevailed but Fr. John did not receive any gratitude or apology for his efforts but left to fend on his own. Fr. John laboured on quietly with his name and reputation tarnished.

Six years ago, Fr. John was installed as Pastor to Sacred Heart Church in Uxbridge. He was duty-bound to audit the church financial books but a very few malcontented parishioners took exception to this necessary procedure.

These hurtful people went to the AD, then to their fellow parishioners and spread false rumours about Fr. John. These rumours started to form a rift in the parish diminishing all the good will, spiritual, and church property enhancements Fr. John had accomplished for his flock. This act continued.

With no support from the AD, Fr. John exhausted his limited funds, entered into debt to issue a lawsuit, not to attack the church but to defend his name, honour and reputation. Fr. John was suspended from S.H. and had to vacate.

Fr. John’s priest friends and supporting lay people reached out to the AD on his behalf. The AD now has arranged a meeting with Fr. John and Cardinal Thomas Collins in the very near future. We “The Friends of Fr. John” will monitor and report on the outcome. We pray for a just conclusion and reconciliation in the spirit of Christ.

Fr. John and the “Friends” thank the hundreds upon hundreds of those (laity and clergy) who have given spiritual and financial (present & future) support helping him in this time of his critical needs.


Tim Flynn

3 Dorman Drive, Stouffville, ON L4A 6A2

Feel free to contact me by e-mail:


September 14, 2015

Dear Friends:

I am overwhelmed, encouraged and very humbled by your wonderful support and, most especially, for your prayers for me in this difficult time.

Your advocacy and continuing support is most heartening and words cannot express my profound gratitude to you all.

Your presence, love and charity are a marvelous consolation to me.

I have been very busy and, as such, feel very badly that I have not, as yet, had the opportunity to thank each of you individually. Over the course of time, I promise to express my thanks individually.

Many people have asked for "disclosure" and "transparency" regarding my case. This matter is still before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, City of Oshawa.

My present situation should never have occurred, in the first place. Furthermore, as a man who loves the Church, this matter should never have been allowed to recklessly and irresponsibly to careen into the public arena.

This being said, I am very disappointed that this matter was not addressed immediately in a just, quiet and Christian way.

In 1966, Pope Paul VI stated ; "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church, it is about the altar".

We all know that the most crucial battle today is being fought within the Church.

The way of travelling "the easy road" and "entering the wide gate" is the way of a fallen world. This worldly and gravely dangerous spirit and attitude is now within the Western Church. Many of our leaders speak an iniquitous and dangerous synthesis of truth mixed with lies. This only creates a "super lie", resulting in an understood legitimacy of evil and the further confusion of the Faithful.

Most dangerously, so many of our leaders, in an attempt to placate the world, have added to the confusion of our innocent Catholic school children.

All of this being said, please do not let those who misrepresent the truth be an obstacle to your Catholic Faith. We have a duty, and a moral obligation, to practice our Faith. We do not avoid the battle for truth and justice. We stay within the Church, as this is the only way to bring about authentic renewal. At the centre of everything we cherish, and the way to eternal life, is participation in the Sacraments and the reception of our Eucharist Lord.

Finally, I ask you to pray for myself and all of our spiritual fathers.

As well, please pray to the Holy Spirit for our Catholic children who returned to school this week. Ask our Lord to protect them from corruption - and give them the Spirit of Truth.

Lastly, thank you so very much for your continuing prayers and loving support.

With my love and prayers, In Christ,

Father John Matthew Duffy

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