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FACEBOOK it is long past the time for you to STAND BEHIND your community guidelines and to STOP CYBER BULLYING campaigns.
Facebook PLEASE investigate this page called JCM Exposed and Unfiltered and the persons that post there!!!


This is a page run by 2 middle aged women from the USA who consider themselves self appointed "protectors" for the family of a murdered girl named Jessica Chambers. These women do not know nor have they ever met the murdered girl or her family they just thought that a game of *dox* would be great fun. For anyone who doesn't know what this means here is the meaning of the word. "Doxing" is a neologism that has evolved over its brief history. It comes from a spelling alteration of the abbreviation "docs" (for "documents") and refers to "compiling and releasing a dossier of personal information on someone". They do this to anyone and everyone who even dares to mention the families names while discussing the murder case of young Jessica Chambers. Their game has resulted in stopping at nothing to contact family members, friends or enemies. both on Facebook and offline, of anyone involved in the case, for the purpose of "exposing the truth". The admin and fans, dig up ANY personal information (past and present) then posts and allegedly twists them to fit their agenda and then posts them on their page in the VIsitors posts to page for their fans to see. Fans of this page send personal messages, publicly bully, harass and slander ALL families involved, friends of those families AND anyone that supports them. They post these things to provoke family, friends and supporters which then leads to bickering, threats, etc. from both sides. Some of the names and language that has been exchanged publicly are quite vulgar!

They are quick to make harsh judgments using screenshots of things people have said to rip that person and others to shreds and allegedly accusing people of crimes AFTER they have been cleared by law enforcement, which should be defamation of character. When asked to stop they continue to stalk and post personal information about the person asking them to stop, much of which relates to minor children who's rights are being violated. The page owner AND/OR many of it's fans go through friends or family members to get screenshots of personal profiles, private groups, etc and then posts them on the page, violating privacy of many.

Fans of this page have SENT (and even received) threats to other fans, or families, threatened their children, workplaces, etc. Several people have reported them to their local law enforcement and to the FBI who have told them to obtain restraining orders and cease and desist orders. The problem with this is that they use fake accounts and when contacting law enforcement to get the orders they are informed they can not get either due to the fact that these people for the most part use FAKE Facebook identities. All of which have been reported HUNDREDS of times to Facebook and they refuse to remove the page or the fake accounts.

They have sunk so low as to post court documents involving MINOR children that they have found online. Posed as detectives to gain phone numbers of individuals so they can hide behind cell phone apps and proceed to harass them bragging that they can't be found. Threatened to contact Child Protective Services using false allegations to have peoples children removed from them, one woman was attending a funeral wake for a friend and recieved over 100 harassing messages from one of the page admins while she was there. A person with eyes in there head only has to read the Visitors Posts to Page to see that these women are cyber-bullying hundreds of people and laughing while they're doing it. As many times as they have been reported to Facebook they still continue to do it. They brag about all the fake accounts they have and that they don't care if one gets shut down they come right back on another fake which also gets reported and STILL they come back if that one gets shut down.

This is ADULT cyber-bullying and I am appalled that Facebook allows it to continue despite MANY reports of violations. Screenshots that have been taken from posts or comments, over the course of several months by many people and can be provided.

If you are against cyber bullying and the nonsense that pages like these are allowed to slew, then please SIGN! Imagine if it were your family member or friend who found themselves in a tragic situation and to make matters worse, complete strangers set out to make sure the whole world knows about your situation, whether it be truthful or false accusations. You would want the same respect.

Facebook stand behind your Community Guidelines which you have consistantly claimed these women are not breaking by using fake accounts and posting all these things and SHUT THE PAGE DOWN! SHUT DOWN THESE WOMEN ALONG WITH THEIR FAKE ACCOUNTS!!!

***Just to clarify, I am no relation to ANY families involved on this page. I'm not friends with anyone either***

***Comments to this petition have been disabled due to the admins and fans of that page posting garbage on here as well. To those of you who wished to comment I apologize.***

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