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FA has added adult rated 3rd party advertisements to pages that show any kind of mature rated submissions. These ads are infringing FA's own rules as real life nudity or sexual content is prohibited on the site, so why is it acceptable to advertise real life nudity and sexual content?

(from FA's own site rules)
1.10 - Do not post links to content that is prohibited by any of Fur Affinity’s rules. This includes links to real life pornography, malware, malicious scripts, websites featuring the illegal streaming of copyrighted content, or content in public (journals, profiles) or General Rated (AUP 1.1) areas that leads to Mature/Adult Rated material that is not behind a warning splash page.

For years people have tried to explain that FA is NOT a porn site, but an art site like DA. the implementation of these adult ads are like a slap in the face to those people and scream that FA is indeed a porn site according to it's owners. these ads make the site look sleazy and opens it up to even more ridicule from non members of the community that it already gets for merely existing.

Other users are angry at this for they do NOT want to see these kinds of ads even on pages that contain adult art. Fantasy themed adult art is NOT the same as being confronted with real photos of extreme nudity and adult themes. They do not target the main demographic of the site.

So many people are going to be using adblock to hide these ads, which has a negative impact on the artists who use community ads, as it also blocks those. Those who pay to have their ads posted will not be getting that they've paid for with so many people blocking ads. The site looks like it's no longer about the art and is turning into nothing but a money grabbing exercise.

We, the users of FA respectfully request that these adult ads be removed.

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