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Extradition Laws

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Our friend is faslely accused of a crime she did not commit due to abuse of power by a rogue prosecutor. She is trying to fight extradition. Even though she can prove her innocence it doesn't matter because when fighting extradition it's not to determine your innocence or guilt. And it doesn't seem to matter if her government is putting her in harms way by extraditing her.

We want to bring change to State and Federal Government laws on extradition and the way the Attorney General's office handles the recommendation on extradition.

 You can be falsely accused of a crime whether it be due to identity thieft , abuse of power by a government official, or countless other reasons. It doesn't matter as long as the warrant for your arrest says you are who they said you are. Your local and state government doesn't look at the facts of the case. They don't look at whether you are innocent or guilty. You can have all the proof in the world showing your innocence or how being extradited is putting you in harms way. It simply doesn't matter. When being considered for extradition there is only 3 main criteria your Governor's office or Attorney General's office considers. 

 1. Does the warrant for your arrest and extradition say you are who you are. (ex. John Smith living at 123 Main street

 2. Does the requesting State or Country want you returned to them to stand trial. (Even if the alleged crime did not take place there, Even if you can prove you was not in that State or Country when the crime was committed.)

 3. Does the sentence of the crime you're accused of carries a sentence of 1 year or more.

 Those are the 3 things your Governor's office considers. Even if the alleged crime did not take place in the State or Country that is requesting you. Even if you can prove you was not in that state or country when the crime was committed. Even if you being extradited is placing you in harms way. Because our government doesn't take in consideration if you have adequett counsel where you're getting extradited to, whether you can afford bail or even get bail. Many times it can take months even years to get this clear or go to trail so you can prove your innocence!

Please help us be a voice to those whose voice it trying to be taken away!!


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