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PETITION to His Excellency the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

We , the Sri Lankan expatriates in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and in Europe urge His Excellency the President and his Government to seek the extradition of Mrs Adele Balasingham from the United Kingdom and put her on trial in Sri Lanka for the terrorist activity and crimes against humanity spanning three decades.

Since the military defeat in May 2009, the LTTE has used its vast financial resources in Britain ,Canada , the USA, Europe and Australia to systematically undermine and destabilize the Sri Lankan Government with allegations of war crimes and ongoing human rights abuses.They have marshaled influential academics, journalists and politicians to push their separatist barrow while the Sri Lankan Government merely points to the very significant advances and development schemes in getting hundreds of thousands of Tamils rehabilitated, housed and restoring their freedom of franchise in recent Provincial Council elections in the north of the country.

The commendable policy of restorative justice, together with the giant strides to bring and maintain the palpable peace in the country ,has not gained much traction among the Western governments , the Western media and the Western politicians.They construe this charitable policy as a sign of weakness og Sri Lanka.

For their own parochial purposes many Western politicians have yielded to be brow-beaten by their pro-LTTE constituents. They dance to the tune of their LTTE pipers and censure Sri Lanka relentlessly at crucial times as Independence Day and Victory Day celebrations. sporting events overseas and in international fora and the media.

The biggest perpetrators of the 35 year conflict , the LTTE rumps of the overseas Tamils posing as human rights campaigners, are now engaged in waging war against Sri Lanka with relentless false propaganda offensive from their comfortable domiciles in the West.

One of the MAIN TERRORIST CRIMINALS IS ADELE BALASINGHAM widow of the LTTE warlord Anton Balasingham , a former employee of British High Commission in Colombo, who is now hiding in London. Adela Balasingham was instrumental in recruiting and training thousands of child soldiers and women suicide bombers to sacrifice their lives for a terrorist cause.There is a huge dossier of evidence of her crimes and terrorist activity.

It is imperative that notwithstanding Sri Lanka's policy of restorative justice, Adele Balasingham be extradited and brought to Sri Lanka and put on trial for the atrocities committed and been associated with.

Besides,bringing some justice to thousands of her victims and their families , Adele Balasingham extradition and trial will serve as a salutary warning to the Western governments that Sri Lanka's tolerance of threats and the disproportional focus on alleged human rights violations and war crimes is not infinite while they continue to shelter terrorists and war criminals on their shores.

It will also compel the Western media to focus on the LTTE atrocities over three decades rather than allegations of so called Sri Lanka 's war crimes in the last stages of the war.

Balasingham's extradition and trial will also serve notice to the members of organizations such as Global Tamil Forum and Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and other LTTE rumps that a similar fate could await them

We pray that YOUR EXCELLENCY will heed this petition.

Thanking you

Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka- Victoria
Society for Peace , Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka- NSW
Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka- Queensland
Soceity for Peace ,Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka- New Zealnd
Western Australia Society for Peace and Rehabilitation.
Australian Federation of Sri Lanka Associations -NSW
Lanka Friendship Forum- ME
Helabims- UAE
Sinhala Association - the UK
Ranviru Fund-the UK
United Sri Lankans -the UK

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