Extend Station Road Footpath to Wayman's Pits

141 SignaturesGoal: 1,000

We, the undersigned petition Haddenham Parish Council to extend the footpath from the bottom of station road, up the ramp to Wayman’s Pits.

The footpath/cycle path would provide a safe walkway for the villagers to Wayman’s Pits as well as to the Steam Engine Rally, the houses at the top of the hill and to the industrial estate. It would also enable walkers/runners and cyclists safer access to Grunty Fen (a much less busy road) and access to the cycle path to Ely from Witchford.

With more and more development to the village, green recreation space is even more important and the addition of a path would open up access to Wayman’s pits so that it could be enjoyed by the whole village.



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