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I will not give my name but I will give you my story. I am a 39yr old female who recently fell on hard financial times my utilities were turned off and I decided to contact and do some research on the various organizations

here in Central GA area. I was very surprised at what I was met with while trying to get assistance. First up the EEOC I was told to call starting no later than 8am well I did finally after repeatly getting a busy signal@9:30 a recording finally came on giving you the many list of options all the case managers voicemails were all conveniently filled up so I then decided to wait until around11:30 am to try again. I had the pleasure to finally speak finally to a live person she then placed me on hold only to return and say we have already given the first ten people the emergency funds,it's always the same ten every month I asked did it matter I had to throw all my food out her only reply was I am sorry you can try the Salvation Army.Moving along I received a call back from another organization called Family Alternative well anyway 478-745-7165 a gentlemen called I was really appalled at the questions a waste of my time to be asked my life history only to be asked if I had children my reply was no sir so he stated children had to be present in the home for me to get the emergency funds my reply was so because I don't havechildren I'm not worthy of getting assistance shouldn't we be encouraging young adults to get their education to become productive citizens instead of focussing on how we can continue to make being pregnant glamorous.Life itself is hard so I ask so having a child will determine if your organization help me in my time of need he stated he was sorry I told him you don't know my storyI could have a medical condition that kept me from having children he says you are right but I am sorry I said now I see how so many of our veterans who like myself may fall on hard times feel when a door keeps getting closed in their face.Iwasthen forwarded to Saint Vincent where of courseI was met again with a voicemail so I leave all of my information at around about 2:40 a lady called me back wanting to know who refered me like that was more important to her than assisting me with my problem I stated to her that a man frompreviousorganization connected to yoursreferred me well the man stated that your organization help people like myself with no kids her reply was that is not true and we only help with small bills and instructed me to call back once I paid half my bill I replied thanks.Third brick wall I called Family and Children aka as DFCS Services first off they lack customer service skills spoke with a Bessie Stewart who before I could even open my mouth was met with rudeness they act like it's their money I wish the government would take over but wishful thinking well you guess no help.Next up the good old Macon OutReach called the lady on the phone said sorry we don't even offer help with uilities I replied but I got your organization off the government website she then said I know for the last 3 yrs we have been trying to get it took off I said politely thanks.Lastly The Salvation Army oh this one really got me as much as my parents and myself have made countless donations over the years.You are told to start calling at 8:30am on Tuesday now it's changed to Wednesday well for starters it's always,the same people every month getting the help how can someone like myself who has never gotten assistance from any organization get the help I need when you are made to feel low, embarrassed, drilled and talked down to like it's their money all of these organizations even the churches are open and running because of the people if it wasn't for someone having a kind heart ,and compassion towards another human being then they wouldn't have received funding from the start how would they continue to operate their day to day functions without the help of the people it troubles me know that when a natural disater happens they can rush aboard to help and hold telethons etc. but not help the people right here inThe state of Georgia as well as the USA.To end this I am in the medical profession have been hands on in my field for 15yrs I get up each and everyday to take care of the ederly,hospice,and hospital patients and to know because I don't have any kids and lost my way a little would cause me not to get help from these organizations I would've never believed fact is none us don't ever no what kind,of situation life may throw us so people need to learn instead,of a fast no try a slow yes. I feel these organizations should be investigated especially where the government is giving funds for the people this situation has hit to close to home and I will not stop until someone listens.




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