Expose the Zionist Attack on C. Wilkerson, MD

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To the Leaders of Muzzlewatch and the Committee for the Open Discussion of Zionism:

Both Muzzlewatch and the Committee for the Open Discussion of Zionism (CODZ) are efforts of national, if not international, scope ostensibly aimed at exposing and countering Zionist efforts to squelch criticism of Israel and Zionism. Muzzlewatch is a project of the Oakland, CA-based Jewish Voice for Peace and New York City-based CODZ was founded by Joel Kovel, Howard Zinn, and others in response to a Zionist-inspired attempt to stop US distribution of Kovel's book, Overcoming Zionism.

Yet, as of early May 2008, nearly three months after Catherine Wilkerson, MD, was fired for criticizing Israel and Zionism and for resisting a political gag clause in a proposed employment contract neither Muzzlewatch nor CODZ has had a word to say about it. This despite repeated requests and the fact that her criminal trial and acquittal on trumped-up charges stemming from a protest at an earlier Zionist event were covered in both the mainstream and alternative media.

The dispute over Dr. Wilkerson's subsequent firing was also covered in the mainstream media and the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan has now weighed-in, comparing the gag clause to McCarthy-era tactics and linking it to the "controversial speech of ... Catherine Wilkerson, about Israel and Palestine."

We, the undersigned supporters of free speech, Palestinian human rights, and Dr. Wilkerson urge the leaders of Muzzlewatch and CODZ to alert their readers and supporters to the Zionist attack on Dr. Wilkerson and to the campaign to have her rehired.

Note: You can write to Muzzlewatch at board@jewishvoiceforpeace.org and and write to CODZ at info@codz.org . The Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson will not share your e-mail address without your explicit permission. You do NOT have to make a donation to sign this petition and you cannot donate to the defense committee through this web site. To make a donation to the defense committee or to get more information, please go to defendwilkerson.org . If you sign the petition, you will be given the option of joining the Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson's e-mail announcement group.

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Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson http://defendwilkerson.org/


Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson http://defendwilkerson.org/ Muzzlewatch http://www.muzzlewatch.com/ Committee for the Open Discussion of Zionism http://www.codz.org/
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