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Are you tired of the ever rising gas prices? Are you tired of deciding on either eating or getting gas to drive to work? I sure as hell am and that is why I am starting this petition. It is my hope that we get enough voices heard to send to our elected officials and have them represent us the way they are supposed to. I believe we need to explore in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for new oil sources, instead of depending on foreign countries. There are many reasons to why I believe we should do this; some are: A home source for oil, lower gas prices, more job creation on American soil, which leads to more taxes to go towards getting out of this economic mess, and at the same time puts more money into people's pocket to help stimulate the economy! Let's get this going


I am a husband and father who works very hard to provide for his family. I am also concerned for my country and where it is headed. I have a stand on many issues, but this one is crucial!





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