Expand the protections of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

5 Signatures Goal: 1,000

Recognizing the need to protect our oceans, students, scholars and concerned citizens have come together from across the country to express their full support of the President's plan to expand the Pacific Remote Islands National Monument. The delicacy of the ocean’s health demands immediate action, and the resounding support for this plan shows that the citizenry wants the administration to implement an expansion of ocean conservation efforts as soon as possible.The United States has the opportunity to make a monumental impact for global ecological health by expanding the U.S. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument from its current 50 nautical miles to its 200 nautical miles capacity--a feat that would include the Exclusive Economic Zone and would without a doubt be a world changing accomplishment.

We believethat the protection of our world’s oceans is critical not only to the well-being of marine species and forestry but also to the economic growth of our society and the sustainability of our planet.

We recognizethat this plan speaks for future generations, for the millions that depend on its vibrant biodiversity for food, and for the need to understand the unique species and plant life that have been lost due to ocean warming and pollution.

We ask
the President and its administration to pause a moment and fully appreciate the value of this opportunity. Rarely have we the opportunity to impact billions of lives worldwide and secure the future of our children and grandchildren. Together, we have the power and responsibility to protect our planet, but such a task demands collaboration and cooperation.

We imploreaccountability and responsibility on every front.

With this in mind, we ask for the President and his administration to take action and expand the Pacific Remote Islands National Monument. The passage of this proposal would not just preserve pristine environments, but also protect endangered species, contribute to the health of pacific fisheries, and make local reefs more resilient to the impending threat of a warming ocean and climate change. Passage of this proposal does not simply serve oceans of today, but also the generations of tomorrow. Through preservation and protection, the administration can ensure that the citizenry will have the opportunity to learn, discover, and continue to enjoy the innumerable benefits a healthy ocean has to offer for many years to come.

Drafted by: The Georgetown U.N Sustainable Oceans Alliance
Signed by: Citizens



July 29
We are now live!




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