Accept Expanded Medicaid Insurance and set up Medical Insurance Exchanges in North Carolina under the AFA (Obamacare)

Bonnie Bechard
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We support the acceptance of Medicaid Expansion and the establishment of state-operated Medical Exchanges in North Carolina under the Affordable Care Act.

The General Assembly and Governor McCrory have passed laws refusing to allow North Carolina to participate in available Federal health care programs, including Medicaid Expansion in 2014.  We support reversing this action.

Over 500,000 North Carolinians between ages 18 and 64 do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, and either do not receive any insurance from an employer or receive inadequate insurance.  Medicaid expansion would serve this population.
When the uninsured receive emergency medical care, rather than the preventive care available to insurance holders, the costs are many times higher.  These high costs lead to default and bankruptcy.  These costs are passed on to those who have insurance, in the form of higher medical costs and premiums, an estimated $1000 per insured family.

Expansion of Medicaid would provide 100% of the money necessary to pay for these Medicaid policies for 3 years, and 90% thereafter.
$20 billion in new Federal dollars would flow into the North Carolina economy over the next 10 years, creating over 25,000 new jobs.  Instead, taxes paid by North Carolinians will be flowing to other states, funding their Medicaid expansion and funding their new job growth.  North Carolina will have to continue to pay for the the health care of these uninsured poor with state and county dollars

Employers will pay large penalties if they do not offer health coverage.
There is no penalty to an employer whose employee received Medicaid.

Special funding to hospitals providing indigent care will be phased out.
If Medicaid is not expanded, hospitals will lose not only the expansion dollars, but also payments they currently get.  Small hospitals will have to close, reducing health care access in rural communities.

Be it resolved, that the General Assembly of North Carolina pass new legislation allowing the acceptance of the Medicaid Expansion and the setting up of Health Care Exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.


Chatham County Democratic Women





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