Creating an Exeter University Entrepreneurs Hub!

Tom Charman
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Exeter is quickly seeing a huge growth in the number of entrepreneurs there are at the university. The Entrepreneur society has continued to grow, and we are seeing more and more ideas come out of the university. SoundSYNK and Young Ones are 2 of the businesses that have seen national coverage for their businesses through BBC, Dragons Den and other media outlets. That goes to show just how entrepreneurial we are as a university. There are between 30-50 active businesses at the university, from small to big, and with the right help there is the potential for there to be more businesses featured nationally over the next 3 years. However, creating those businesses and more importantly, ‘seeding’ ideas is something that requires a lot of hard work and time. To make it better, easier and more efficient to run a business, they need a space. Businesses that don’t have space can be limited to the amount they grow, and with the Innovation Centre at the University filling up beyond capacity, people are screaming out for a new option at the university. That’s where we need you to help out! We want to create an ‘Entrepreneurial Hub’ at the university for students that have businesses to go and work, share ideas and continue to develop. A place for businesses to go and work for as much or as little time as they want, with a simple restriction to access. That way, people who have a business at university have somewhere they can go and work, relax and network. The entrepreneurial hub not only offers business owners a place to work, but acts as a central calling point for anyone who wants to get involved (i.e. Media). It’s an easy way to find a business owner at the university, as well as act as a partial place for the society. When speakers come to the university, what better place than an area where entrepreneurially minded students are able to work every day, and continue to seed their ideas and make them a reality. We want to become one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the country, and its something that takes time, equipment, space and work to become. But a space where people are able to go to work is moving in the right footsteps. Lets look at Harvard and Stanford. The businesses created by the students at the two universities work out to create higher revenue than GDP generated by Germany. If that’s not something to aim for then what is?



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