Support Revitalizing the Ewen Park Dog Run

Heather Butts
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Concerned citizens and users of Ewen Park (located Riverdale to Johnson avenues, south of West 232nd Street, Riverdale NY).  We are a NYC based non-profit located in the Bronx that is dedicated to youth outreach.  We want to help revitalize the Ewen Park dog run.  We need your help! We want to present a showing of support for improving the dog run to the community board and Parks Department.  This will hopefully attain better conditions for dogs and handlers alike, as well as teach young people about community responsibility and awareness. To show your support please sign below.  Among our proposals will be:
1. Fencing Upgrade
2. Terrain Upgrade
3. Fresh Water Supply
4. Space Augmentation
5. Long Term Upkeep
Time is of the essence.  Please encourage your friends, family and neighbors to support this effort.  We cannot be successful without your support.  Thank you in advance!  HEALTH for Youths.





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