EVOKE's petition for water crisis

Pan Americana
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We propose to the bottling companies of the world (Pepsi, Evian, etc.) and to the international governing bodies (UN, WB, WHO, etc.) to find ways to sell drinking water to people in Africa at the same price soda is provided to them. In addition, we petition for all of you to find a way to fund serious research and massive production of resilient clean water generation systems for the all the people of the world.




  • 7 years ago
    Kenneth Declercq Belgium
    7 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    zack stieber United States
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Michael Jaggernauth Trinidad and Tobago
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Radhika Darbari Peru
    8 years ago