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Join my petition to help rid the world of a common angst that is destroying the minds and reputabality of all those poor defenseless drunk people who just merely wanted a good night out.A good night out,that involved lots of drunken fun and activities. Some activities which the majority of us drunken people would sooner not be reminded of in the morning by our friends or just some random perverts broadcasting pictures of ourselves at our vulnerable time. Afterall, the reason why we drink is to get drunk. We get drunk so as not to remember a lot the morning after.And we do this, so as to give ourselves freedom to do what we like, with whom we like, knowing full well it will all be forgotten in the morning. But facebook. Yes the evil manipulative ways of facebook and the way it is taking over the world (along with evil maths people) is breaching our human rights and taking away our rights and our reasons to get drunk. So please sign this petition so as not to end up like me, a poor vulnerable 19 year old male, whose drunken ways have lead to me no longer wanting to drink or go out for fear of their being someone with a camera/cameraphone ready to catch me at the most oportune moment. Plus I will give every body 1p for signing this petition (remptionable at my discretion)


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