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Ok i didnt want to post something like this on any day let alone today, but i havent even read it all yet but alredy have decided what im going to write. 1st, im going to comment on dataforce\'s post, Quote: EE Removed as admin, including 2 hidden admins and a hidden ftp account. 2 hiden admin accounts, well considering that you can see hidden admin accounts not exactly hidden, people knew i had them including admin\'s, as for the ftp beachy also knew about that and i cant see how you can say its \"hidden\" as all you need to do is look at ftp accounts. 2nd, im dissapointed at you iceman Quote: seems a well know admin on here wanted to hack alil i wont put the server online untill i fix that 1st of all ill paste a section of our chatlog. Quote: [16:29:22] EvilEvil: just need to check my new hair.wil [16:30:54] EvilEvil: [16:32:10] IceMan-Found: yea [16:32:22] EvilEvil: details [16:32:26] IceMan-Found: id icecold [16:32:32] IceMan-Found: pass ***** If im not mistaken, hacking is when you dont have permission... Also what did i do wrong events: \"Log on iceman\" \"log on evilevil\" \"setpermission EvilEvil 10\" \"Chat to ShoBe\" \"Generally Ask the name of new mobs to see them\" \"Kicked by ShoBe\" \"Log on IceMan\" \"Jokinly say ill get you back for that\" \"jokinly kicked him as i went\" \"log off\" Oh im a hacker, all i went on for was to test my latest wil files (hair mainly) log on this morning and found i hacked the server yer, i also was talking to ShoBe when i was on and clearly stated to him \"dont worry im not a hacker im just testing some things\" If i wanted to hack there is infact an exploit in the files which i have found which is easily removed, some people may of removed without realizing (no not the @testga 1\'s) As for the numerous replys of people i thought i knew i am disapointed at, i wont say anything more on that matter. And the admins i have got miles to send a message to (not a mean 1 b4 u ask) so i wont say here. /EvilEvil


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