Eviction Policy

Latarran Young
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We the tenants of Burketts Creeks East and West would like to make this petition in reference to the rent/eviction process guidelines The property has been open since February 2009 and the rent/eviction policy has been the same until April 22, 2013. According to the current property manager Teresa, when any tenant that has court charges filed against him/her three times in a 12 month period, possession will automatically be asked for. Since we have lived at these properties, this policy has never been stated nor have we agreed to or signed anything in reference to this policy. It is very absurd that the current landlord is beginning to run these properties how she personally wants it to be ran. The policy that has been stated to us (the tenants) is that once court charges has been filed the tenant has the right to remit payment in full including late fees and court cost prior to the court date. The current landlord has refused tenants payments several times due to the policy she has took upon herself to implement in which the policy is NOT in the lease. At this time we the tenants would like attention to this matter because as a tenant we have the right to live comfortable and in peace as long long as we abide by the rules and regulations that has been put in place in writing through the lease that we have signed. Since the current landlord has been in her position it has been nothing but severe disturbance. We agree to and will abide by any rules, regulations or policy when it's in writing. We have a written lease NOT verbal! There has been tenants and their small children put out by this rule that has not been implemented nor agreed to by the tenants. It's very sad that some tenants has come home to find their personal belongings at the road. This is UNFAIR, UNETHICAL AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.



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